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Drone shots are all the rage in today's world. It simple, and can capture evident creative content, while being of the highest quality possible. There an appeal to this form of videography as it is the trendiest format. Drone shooting service form The Marcom Avenue will help your brand gain new heights, literally! Real estate, wedding industry, tourism, NGOs, corporate events, sports coverage, university campus shoots, montages, web series all can take advantage of drone shoots. Drone shots can cover the main elements of the industry to bring out honest values for display purposes.

"Market large scale impeccable visuals."

Benefits drone photography in Delhi can give are-

  • Surveying and mapping
    Drones shoots can provide for 2D, 3D and 4D maps as imagery along with measurable distance, volumes, and share.
  • Progress monitoring
    Access aerial vantage points of the business along with hard to reach locations, provided in immediately usable formats.
  • Marketing & Media
    Drone footage infused with music, text, and animation make stunning videos fit for broadcasting in a professional environment.
  • Custom developments
    Drone images are fit for use in application development, website visuals, or any other interactive platform. It can be integrated with social media platforms as well.

Our professional videographers with expertise in drone shots create attractive imagery and ensure videos that will gain traction. Some of the technologies we incorporate are-

  • 4K quality
  • Wide angle view
  • Optimized video shots
  • Efficient angles

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