The Challenge

DLF is India’s largest real estate company that has always been committed to providing a better experience to its customers through constant innovation. It is a premier real estate company in India for six decades, has become synonymous with a new urban lifestyle for premium homes, offices, and retail spaces.

DLF Group hired us to generate maximum prospective leads for their commercial real estate project through digital communication in a minimum time span. As a matter of fact, even the topmost companies come across the insufficient lead rate and poor conversion at each of their projects. 

The Solution

The Marcom Avenue, being one of the best lead generation agencies in India conducted initial research on the brand to set cohesive planning to accomplish high success rates with the help of persona mapping consisting of MNCs looking to expand in Kolkata and targeting delivery centers of big corporations.

  • Our first job was to create a simple yet engaging landing page, with a registration form. TMA’s aesthetics team had put in its full effort to come up with utmost engaging content. Skillful ad copies coupled with the landing page optimization were aligned according to the persona of a crisp TG.
  • Our target was to capture the Key stakeholders associated with big corps, We chose Linkedin as the main platform for lead generation due to the targeted customer base being very active on Linkedin. Extensive A/B testing and optimization to gain the desired leads volume.
  • Aptly placed paid ads never fail the advertisers. We designed and published pay-per-click and display ads, to drive home a house full of potent leads.
The Solution
The Result
  • 180+ High- quality leads
  • 40% of leads were SQL
  • 15% increase in inbound queries

We had a duration of 1 month in hand to be invested intelligently, therefore we implemented the perfect blend of the trending digital marketing strategies that enhanced the brand presence and conversion optimization. Our methodical effort made our client happy generating an impressive impact.

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