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Why Should You Choose Best PR Services In Delhi NCR Over Traditional PR?

Public Relations is the face of subtle marketing. It is very integral to the existence of any business in today’s time, large corporations, especially. There are just too many reasons for any organization to go out of business, and bad publicity is one of the most critical and biggest reasons. So, it is imperative that the best PR agencies in Delhi NCR to curate a public relations plan that is

  • Comprehensive,
  • Digital,
  • Targeted
  • Edgy,
  • Creative, and
  • Engaging.

Did we highlight digital? Yes! Why? Well, people have spent more time on the internet in 2020 than on any traditional media and will continue to do so. According to various surveys, it has been found that people are spending more than 3 hours on the internet in 2020. This is an average figure, as other studies suggest that people are spending a quarter of their day on mobile phones and more in metro cities.

So, what does it imply?

It means that people are getting to know what’s happening in the world or any form of entertainment is from the web such as Social Media – YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, OTT platforms, Digital News Portals – Business Sites, etc.
(Source: Forbes)

DIGITAL is the essence of any marketing strategy today, especially Public Relations too. It is time that brands/organizations make the shift towards a Digital PR Agency because their audiences are shifting.

Going digital is the trick, but why is it so important? What are the advantages that follow if you go digital from traditional public relations strategy apart from reaching a higher range of audiences:

  • Add Quality Backlinks that Drive High-Quality Traffic: Imagine reading a piece of article in a newspaper or watching a story on television, there is a mention of your brand. In that scenario, how will your audience reach you instantly? It takes time, energy, and intent to pick up a phone or laptop to search for you. In contrast, if your audience is reading a piece about you or looking at an interview in a digital environment, they can fall into the trap of clickbait and come through to your website/portal. Doing digital public relations – drives traffic while also building credibility. Also, these backlinks will improve your Website performance by helping with SEO!
  • Control the narration / Story-focused content: Content marketing helps add value to the on-going digital PR campaign. As the best digital PR agency, we understand that people have become more conscious than ever before. They expect to engage in real, authentic, and meaningful experiences that only digital PR can offer over traditional PR. Digital PR helps cut through the clutter and be available on the tips – whereas traditional media makes people look for it.
  • Engage audiences in influencer-led campaigns: Traditional public relations activities do not allow audiences to connect with influencers or engage in activities led by their favourite celebrities, whereas a digital PR campaign allows and enables people across social media platforms to curate user-generated content about the brand to be part of the campaign. Influencer marketing has the power to help build a brand today, and digital PR strategies can help leverage the opportunity to forge relationships with the brand.

Public relations helps build a perception in the mind of the potential consumers, and it is effective to drive growth by reaching out to a larger group, and a digital public relations campaign will put you in a position to enhance reach within a similar budget.

The Marcom Avenue is the leading digital PR agency in Delhi NCR, which offers both digital and traditional PR services, keeping in mind the needs of the customers. But, as we tread along into a more digital-savvy world, it is best to start investing in a digital PR strategy to tap into a larger group of audience and influence them to improve brand perception, image, and brand sales!

So, if you are looking to hire one of the best PR agencies in Gurgaon, get in touch with us today!

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