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Where the future of Digital Marketing is headed in 2021?

Digital marketing is a very dynamic industry and we are introduced to new trends every now and then. To ensure the persistent growth of your business, it is very crucial for businesses to keep track of the latest marketing trends and changes, and adapt their tactics to stay ahead in the game.

The leading digital marketing company in Delhi NCR found that this constant change is primarily the result of evolving technology and techniques and the endless updates in the algorithms.

But, as we have reached the end of 2020, and the technologies have been constantly improving, we have curated this blog to share the top digital marketing trends in 2021 as expected by experts:

  1. Shoppable Posts Trend:

    According to several researches, today, customers are more likely to make a purchase when provided with a streamlined shopping experience. So, in 2021, it will be very crucial for E-commerce businesses to utilize the social media application for direct selling.

    Surprisingly, social media is known to be one of the largest platforms for online marketing and the number of people purchasing their products through social media has skyrocketed, especially in the past couple of years.

    Interesting Fact: According to a study, 60% of Instagram users said that they discover new products and services on Instagram.

  2. Content Marketing is Evolving:

    “Content is the King” – you might have heard this statement a hundred times, but the fact is, the content requirements are rapidly changing and the top content marketing agency understands that you need to integrate innovative and interactive content in your marketing strategies to grab your potential clients’ attention.

    Some of the best examples of interactive content include 360-degree videos, customer polls, UGC campaigns (User-Generated Content), quizzes and a lot more. Your content is the major reason which keeps your users connected to your brand and raises brand awareness.

  3. Leveraging Micro-Influencer Marketing:

    Influencer Marketing has been a trending tactic for quite some time now, and originally it was believed to be only useful with influencers with a massive amount of followers. But, after constantly practising the marketing strategy, the top marketers found that there is a better version of it.

    According to the best influencer marketing agency in Gurgaon, followers of micro-influencers are comparatively more dedicated and such influencers cost less. Also, micro-influencer marketing allows you to target a narrow audience, which makes it easier to find potential customers for your business.

    Hence, the larger the influencer, the lower the ROI.

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  4. Higher Accuracy in Metrics:

    The current metrics’ technologies are getting old and need improvements to allow the marketers with a better insight into their marketing performance, understand user behaviour, and unlock more opportunities for the businesses.

    Although there is no confirmation yet, industry experts believe that we are likely to witness major changes or replacements of the metrics and analytical tools in the year 2021.

  5. Personalized Chatbots:

    Yes, you might already have a chatbot system integrated into your website but the question is, how personalized is your messaging? Some of the top digital agencies in Gurgaon understand that users are becoming more and more specific about engaging in personalized experiences by most businesses.

    So, the personalized experience enabled chatbots are turning into one of the most powerful weapons that are anticipated to help businesses stay ahead from their competition in the coming year.

Struggling to keep track of the constantly changing strategies and updated tactics? Contact the best digital marketing company in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue because the TMA team endeavours to understand the latest marketing trends and help brands to achieve the leading position in the industry.

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