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Website Optimization: Doing it like a professional website design agency

Creating a website is hard work. Tailoring a website to your client’s exact specifications is harder still. But, website optimization? It’s not hard at all! At least, not if you keep the following in mind! Here to share insights is a professional website design agency.

Before we start, let us first take a look at some examples of a poor website design.

  • Pages that take ages to load
  • Broken links to pages that have long been disabled
  • Unsecured websites
  • Complicated URL links with no logical flow, etc.

SEO Optimization

Keywords are the backbone of SEO services company and as such, a great deal of effort and thought goes into finding the perfect set of words to naturally fit into your content, while drawing customers from search engine result pages to your site!

Whether through Google or competitor sites, identifying keywords is only the first step of the struggle faced by a website development companies in gurgaon that are concerned with optimization. The next stage is keyword utilization. Here are some places you should be using keywords:

  • Content
    Content should be interesting and diligently so across every page on your site. Keywords should be naturally interspersed throughout, without overdoing it! Blogs are great ways to provide SEO services and calls to action at the end of these articles further function as great traffic generation techniques.
  • Meta
    The most obvious way to use keywords is in page-wise meta titles and descriptions. But often ignored are the header tags! Don’t forget to utilize keywords in that <H1> tag!
  • URLs
    While URLs may also be used to include keywords, it is more important to ensure URL links are readable!

Website Optimization

Done with the SEO services section of optimization, it now falls upon the digital marketing services company to optimize the actual website!

  • Page Loading
    It goes without saying, web pages should load quickly. Within the first 3 seconds at most!
  • Internal Links
    Use content to refer to and include internal links for other pages on your site. It helps navigation and engages viewers.
  • Mobile Responsive
    Smartphone internet browsing has entirely surpassed all forms of internet usage! Today, the top 100 marketing companies are determined majorly by the strength of its mobile responsive designs.
  • Data Analytics
    Machine learning algorithms, social media metrics, website traffic – call it what you will, it’s data, and it needs to be regularly analyzed to identify the effectiveness of your design. Think of it as a post mortem for your finished design.
  • Security
    Validate your HTML codes, and ensure you are using HTTPS encryption on your site. This will also help you get ranked higher on Google!
  • Navigation
    Site navigation should be clearly visible across every page of your web design, allowing users to navigate to and from internal pages without getting stuck.
  • Sitemaps
    A sitemap is an XML file containing links to every single internal page in your site. While some servers automatically generate sitemaps, a website design agency should be aware of how to generate and upload one. The sitemap will be used by search engine crawlers to find relevant content and rank you on result pages, making it equally crucial to your SEO services.
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