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Using User-Generated Content to Increase Brand Loyalty

Attaining brand loyalty in today’s competitive market is not everyone’s cup of tea but once you have achieved it, people, from nowhere unknowingly join hands with you to promote your product. Have you ever got advice from your friend to try a particular restaurant on his risk? Or is there a product that you use from one brand that you would never buy from another brand? All these questions point towards the trust implanted in people’s heart by the brand services offered. Successfully generating brand loyalty is one of the pinnacles in marketing. Customers have developed deep preferences for everything from bathing soap to a room freshener and it isn’t always because the product is very good but it is because they have developed a loyalty to the brand. Brand loyalty is the tendency or pattern of customers purchasing the same brand repeatedly. This doesn’t mean they can’t be swayed by sales or discounts. Attracting customers is a necessity but retaining the right customers is also very crucial to maximize the business opportunities so that customers not only be excited to buy your brand but also remain dedicated to your brand.

Speaking of loyalty, some may say, “brand loyalty is dead or dying,” but consider these statistics from Accenture describing the behaviors of U.S. consumers:

  • 57 % of consumers spend more on brands or providers simply because of loyalty
  • 51% of consumers show loyalty to brands that interact with them through their preferred channels of communication
  • 55% of consumers express their loyalty by recommending the brands and companies they love to their closed ones
  • 14% of consumers publicly endorse or defend a brand or organization on social media

User-generated content (UGC) is one of the best ways to increase brand loyalty. When the general public is speaking about the brand rather than the brand itself the impact on the audience is far more. UGC is considered to be a more authentic marketing technique. For example, many theme-based cafés or restaurants have selfies-points or have integrated beautiful decor at the premise that attracts the guest into sharing the content on their social media platform. People click pictures there and post them on social media with hashtags, thus creating user-generated promotional content. User-generated content takes the form of content, usually, photos or videos, created in support of a product, brand, idea or trend, My Denim Campaign on Tik-Tok is one such example.

By using user-generated content in your marketing content instead of regular social media posts, you’re letting your customers tell your brand story with you and for you. The story will feel more authentic and organic upon sharing customer reviews and organic content, and it will make other users trust you and like you better. UGC helps you to build a community around your brand and this community makes your brand popular within general folks. All you need to do is to encourage your customers, recognize and acknowledge them and they will in no time become your brand ambassadors. If you want the user-generated content to have the biggest impact possible, share it everywhere to make it more visible.


You might have come across the Instagram reposts with captions like “Happy customers” and “Thank you valuable customer” etc. All these reposts build brand loyalty. Acknowledge your customers, give them credits and do share it on your website for your visitors. Sharing UGC helps you tell your brand story and your customers’ story in a more effective way.

Thus in this time of competition, when there is a constant need for grabbing customer attention and retaining customers, the best possible way to make this happen is to build/generate brand loyalty amongst the users and UGC is the best way to increase your brand loyalty.

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