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Use these 5 SEO Elements to boost your Google Ranking

Experts estimate that Google alone processes over 70,000 queries every second, which means about 5.8 billion searches are made every day. Billions of searches every day makes it even more imperative for you to optimize your business website in order to rank higher on the search engine result page.

The leading SEO agency in Gurgaon explains that a higher ranking on Google will help you to boost your brand’s visibility and hence generate new leads for your business.

In this blog, we will talk about the 5 essential SEO elements which will help you boost your ranking on Google:

  1. Meta Tags:

    Meta Tags is one of the simplest yet most important elements of a web page. These tags help the search engines to understand all the content available on your website and help search engines to crawl your web page.

    There are multiple meta tags for each web page, but Meta Title and Meta Description are the most significant ones for your website’s ranking because these tags are also displayed on the SERP page and impacts your CTR (click-through-rate)

    meta title and meta description

  2. A Responsive Theme:

    The best digital marketing company in Delhi NCR found that having a mobile-friendly website is a major factor impacting a website’s ranking on search engines.

    Using a responsive theme makes your website compatible for any devices including tablet, smartphones or computer devices. So, you will be prepared to serve your visitors on every platform while improving your site’s ranking.

    You can easily check your website’s mobile-friendliness on Google’s own tool.

  3. SEO Friendly Graphics:

    No one likes long walls of text, not even Google. Your visitors want to engage with your website through multimedia formats like infographics, videos, graphs and images. So, while writing the web page content, always remember that Google prefers to rank the website that curates reader-friendly content.

    The best website development company in Gurgaon suggests you to integrate multiple graphic content in your website to improve your ranking on the SERP page. While adding the graphical content:

    a) Use an optimized Filename (related to the image content)

    b) Use appropriate Alt Tags (explain the image, all incorporate a relevant keyword)

    c) Use a Compressed Image Size

    d) Include Video Transcript

    e) Use a Custom Thumbnail

  4. SEO Content:

    Your website content is the most important element on your website which affects your Google Ranking. So, you need to focus on creating valuable content for your users which will attract them to your website again and again.

    Also, use the relevant keywords in your content and spread it evenly throughout the page to avoid keyword stuffing or Google can penalize your website.

    The top social media optimization services in Gurgaon maintain a keyword density of about 1 keyword in every 200 words.

  5. Links:

    Yes, using multiple links in your website is very crucial to improve your website ranking. You must to use the three types of links- Inbound, Outbound and Internal because all them share their own benefits:

    Outbound Links: These links help you to build your content authority and trust. Always link your site to other relevant websites with high domain authority.

    Inbound Links: Popularly known as backlinks, these are the most important links on a website since it sends Google and even customers to your website. Having more links from trusted websites with High DA will help you to rank higher.

    Internal Link: You need to link your web page with another related page to finally tie them up. It will also help you to redirect your website to any specific page which you want.

With constantly changing algorithms, it becomes a challenge for many businesses to maintain a high rank on Google SERP, hence we suggest you to get in touch with the best SEO services company in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue.

The team will help you in creating and executing the most effective SEO strategies for your business and help you to reach your marketing goal.

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