Understanding Moment Marketing with the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Gurgaon

Digital marketing has evolved. It has piqued people’s interest with the most fascinating and topical content. The goal is to keep people informed about global trends in the most creative way possible 

When it comes to advertising, digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon have also realized the value of timing. Even if you create the greatest ad campaign, it will fail if it is delivered at the wrong moment. It’s critical to apply the appropriate technique and timing to leave a lasting impression. This is where the value of moment marketing comes into play.

Remember Dhillon’s ” kehndi hundi si…” trends by different brands. The biggest brands in India leveraged moment marketing on the viral ‘Kehndi hundi Si’ song like Zomato, Manforce, etc. Also, Amul never forgets to leverage moment marketing opportunities. 

Let’s have a look at the benefits of Moment marketing in India. 

Engaging content

Audiences love staying up to date. This is where moment marketing comes into play. If brands cover current events, it keeps the audience engaged. Sometimes consumers search for the same information, and this helps in organic SEO rankings tools. It is a win-win situation!

Interesting and Engaging content

Audiences enjoy being kept up to date on current events. This is where digital marketing agencies bring the concept of moment marketing. The audience is kept engaged when brands cover current events. Consumers frequently look for the same content, which aids organic SEO rankings. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved!

Catches the attention

The audience’s attention is easily captured by moment marketing. When it comes to topical events, people feel completely comfortable commenting and engaging themselves with likes and comments. It promotes audience interaction, which increases engagement.

Relatable Content

In digital marketing, the most shared content is moment marketing. It is shared with friends and family, reaching a larger audience. Using insights, one can better understand the demographics of the target audience and tailor the strategy to make it more relatable.

Increased conversions

The moment marketing works well with the brands. There are higher chances of the content going viral with an increased chance of conversion due to increased visibility. 


The content has more chances of going viral. This helps the best digital marketing agencies increase brand awareness without a paid activity. Thus making it cost-effective with organic conversions and increased visibility

Examples of Popular Moment Marketing in India

Manforce Condoms never passes up an opportunity to capitalise on social media. Once again, the brand has capitalised on the virality of ‘Kehndi hundi Si’ on social media, and Manforce Condoms has responded with a static post.

The post says Kehndi hundi si, Ultra Feel kara de ! Taare ne pasand mainu, Manforce de naal dikhwa de

When Facebook changed its parent name to “meta”, social media was flooded with moment marketing from Wendy’s to PayTM in the form of memes and creative posts. For eg

Zomato posted “pitched renaming our brand to Zometa but the idea was rejected at once.”

Swiggy wrote, “Thinking of changing our name to Methi”.

If done correctly, moment marketing may help you start discussions and engage with your customers. It improves your chances of forming an organic relationship with your followers, who would convert on their terms.

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