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Ultimate Marketing Tactics for F&B Industry to Follow Post COVID-19

While every industry in the world has been impacted by COVID-19 in the worst ways, industries like grocery, technology and some sectors of healthcare are still booming. With the sudden rise in demand for eatables, food and beverages brands are struggling to keep up with the low staff at the production plants. As the phase 3 of lockdown in India is ending, food and beverages are beginning to start their operations slowly. To get back into business stronger, and to fight with an intention to survive, they will need to rewrite business plans, modify digital marketing services and reconsider go-to marketing strategies for at least a few months. Here are some tips and tricks that can help F&B brands to get ready for the days to come:

  • Digital Interaction is the Need of the Hour: COVID-19 has shut most of the communication methods, and it has become even more important for the brands to stay connected with their TG through social media platforms. Brands are leveraging the potential of social media marketing services to tap the untapped target audience from over the years. As the people are only going out on the streets for the essentials and trying to stay safe, it has become essential for F&B brands to engage and make believe their TG about the quality, cleanliness and safety control measures.

    Brands must not lose a single opportunity to enable user-generated content, and create content that people can connect with like sharing new recipes, foodies and photography contests, and reminding the customers about the norms of social distancing. Promote the importance of hygiene and food safety. Leverage the power of social media with some of the best facebook advertising companies in Delhi NCR.

  • Re-Think your SEO Strategy and Build Interactive Websites: Optimising your search engine is an important component in gaining visibility online and bringing your grocery store to the top rankings. There are many ways by which you can optimise your search engine rankings. During the COVID-19 period, you can update your website’s content regularly, Google My Business Page, meta-tags and meta-descriptions and conduct keywords research. Search engine optimization will enable Google and or other search engines to crawl through your website and establish trust and credibility, and such that your site with the most links or the most pages gets consistently ranked No.1 by the algorithm. SEO is important because it keeps the search results fair. The higher you rank in result pages, the more clicks and traffic your site will generate. As people are spending time on online platforms, it can help your food brand to come out in organic search results. Reach out to the best search engine marketing company in Gurgaon for top SEO services in Delhi.
  • Content Marketing – One of the most important ways to Connect to Consumers’ Heart: Content Marketing is the practice of engaging customers through interesting, relatable and helpful content. The purpose of the content is to build brand presence, authority and inspire trust. You can connect to customers’ hearts directly through content marketing in several formats, such as articles and blogs, videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics, newsletters, and many more. By developing the right SEO strategies while integrating the right content marketing efforts, you can generate the right kind of audience for your brand. Reach out to some of the best performance marketing companies in Gurgaon for developing top-quality and engaging content for your customers.
  • Leverage Brand Storytelling to Engage customers: There is no better way to connect with users than a powerful visual story as it connects the user emotionally. Again, Brand managers devise best quirky and appealing connections with the heart of the customer. It could be video, series of images depicting stories or live interactions with the audience.
  • Discount Marketing: Well, this is a term that we have developed by ourselves. Humans are attracted to see more offers and discounts and they are likely to get attracted towards the product or service that offers the highest discount. F&B outlets can offer customers discounts on online payments as a part of increasing sales through online platforms. As we will notice a major rise in online orders amid and post COVID-19, food & beverage companies should make the most of this opportunity by offering discounts on meals or more. More and more discounts and offers attract customers towards the same outlet number of times as it is pocket-friendly.
  • Tapping the Most Effective Method- Email Marketing: Engaging with the customers outside of the store is a huge company win. This can be accomplished with social media and by compiling email lists and sharing information that may interest your customers. You can email out recipes, cooking tips, highlight popular vendors you sell, list your weekly specials, and of course, offer coupons. Through email marketing you can also build trust by sharing detailed information about the measures your brand is taking to make the product more safe and healthy to consume. Devise the best email marketing strategy with the help of some of the best email marketing agencies in Delhi NCR.

These are some of the marketing tips that will help F&B brands to tap the market in the post coronavirus world. Do not forget to be present online amongst the masses as there have been major digital transformational changes in the industry.

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