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UI Tips To Take Your Website To The Next Level

Your website is the face of your business organization, this is the place where all your leads will land, and on the basis of your website, a customer will make his/her judgement about your company’s reliability and builds trust in you.

So, it is very important for you to offer the best web design which is customized to provide your users with the best experience. UI is the solution to your problem here. With UI you can create your website, keeping in mind the user behavior while ensuring the engagement of the users once they visit your site.

New to the concept of UI? Do not worry, we will help you to understand why you need to integrate UI into your website design, but before that, it is very important to clearly understand what is UI.

What is UI design?

The term UI stands for User Interface. Basically, the UI is integrated to enhance the User Experience, which means, you focus on designing your website such that your users do not have to struggle to use it. Designing your website with UI will ensure easy to access elements which will further boost user engagement.

The UI designers create the overall look and feel of your website, UI is very closely related to UX (User Experience) but are two different terms. As per the best web designing company in Delhi NCR, UX and UI are some of the most important factors in creating an effective web design for your organization. But in this blog, we will be focusing on UI, so here are the top UI tips which will help take your website to the next level:

Top UI Tips to Improve your Website

  1. Focus on a Simple yet Effective Home Page:

    Your homepage is the first destination from where your user starts their journey on your website, so it is imperative that you focus on leaving the best first impression on your potential users. There are certain factors which you should keep in mind while designing your homepage:

    a) Link your homepage to almost every page in the website such as About Us Page, Blogs, Contact, and the Content Page.

    b) Keep important content such as CTA and sales content near the top of the page where the users can easily find them and navigate accordingly.

    c) Keep the page simple but catchy.

    d) Link your logo to your landing page to keep branding intact and for long-lasting recall.

  2. Use Simple Forms:

    Having a form on your website is very important for your business to collect user details, for remarketing purposes, but if not done properly, these forms can function negatively for you.

    For corporate website design, you need to make sure that you use small forms that are meant to collect only the most important details from the user because long forms can end up irritating the user and eventually see them abandoning the website.

  3. Spend Time to Know Your Users:

    You need to understand that your website is made for the users, so, if your website doesn’t resonate with the people it is of no use. When you know your audience, you can evaluate what kind of content and elements your users will find useful and it will help you to grow your conversion rate by optimizing and implementing the necessary changes.

    Also, understand how your competitors are engaging with the users, then adopt their ways and improvise to provide a better user experience on your website.

  4. Adopt a Responsive Design:

    Having a responsive design for your business website is a must these days, because the user’s search is not limited to their computer now, people are looking for your services/products using their smartphones, tablets or computers. But you need to be prepared for all of them.

    Also, it is great for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as per the top web design companies, google also gives preferences to the websites with a responsive design.

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