Trend Setters For Branding in 2019

All brands are hungry for brand salience, brand awareness, lead generation and apply any type of tactic to drive up sales. Although the past few years have witnessed a drastic increment in the mainstream marketing efforts, the major players of the field are, additional to known marketing efforts, investing in guerrilla marketing, especially online. Guerrilla marketing calls the senior management to drive up sales with off-beat tactics. The online advertising world has made different shorelines open to anyone who is intuitive and initiative enough. For example, Netflix is using the basic known marketing efforts such as Google Ads, radio ads, Google remarketing, Social media marketing, by using alternative formats. Alongside, Netflix is also applying their brains at influencer marketing, but not the common type, rather the popular type. They have utilized influencers at their disposal to do “honest reviews” of their shows. In the reviews, these influencers (popular on social media) talk about the basic loopholes all patrons observe and think about while watching these shows. If it doesn’t sound similar, it should. That is how two influencers with their persistence gained fame. Putting influencers in the position of the actor and recording their scripted yet relatable to the avid fans reactions has also been their idea of guerrilla marketing.

Everything is a trend if you are popular or persistent enough.

Capitalizing on trends for all sorts of businesses is as fly on a tart. The trend is the tart, the fly is the business. If the fly is flying with any virus (the correct branding message) and get a taste of the tart, the virus spreads on the tart and infects the public who consumes each slice of the part. Now, if you don’t get it, it is a good idea for you to hire a digital marketing agency.

Here are a few latest YouTube trends which hold much potential-

1. Kill the dilemma

Answering simple questions such as “What to eat?”, or deciding what the wear, gives dilemma. The indecisive quality seems natural here.

As a counter attack to this dilemma, as a part of his YouTube marketing campaign, Derek Gerard launched many food related challenges. One of these are- Letting Advertisements DECIDE What i Eat for 24 HOURS! In this challenge, he only allows himself to eat whatever he can see an advertisement of.

This challenge, however self damaging it might be, has potential. First of all, this trend kicked off a new shopping trend. Along one shopping trend, he launched a few others. Letting people in front of him decide the order was one among the trends. This trend spread like wildfire with over 1,200 videos uploaded between April and May, and have amassed around 75 million views and counting.

2. Finding out how bad is the Worst!

A vast majority of people Google search and read the customer reviews for anything they want to purchase. Around 82% of consumers do as per the Pew Research. According to the New York Times- Researchers have given written online reviews low rating, questioning their credibility. While their reliability is being questioned, YouTube creators have started the new trend of going and trying out the worst places in their cities.

The worst and best restaurants, makeup artists, hotels, and even swimming pools are being reviewed on YouTube by the creators. This has gone beyond the scope of just product reviews, into services, food and even amusement park.

Through the comments section, it is evident that most people do appreciate this trend and are interested in watching such content online. This opens doors for businesses to allow brand repositioning on their end. This opens doors for Brands engage the online audience in an interesting way.

Idea to use such trends: Any business can develop a digital marketing strategy to execute experiential marketing. The idea is to have organic reviews in either of the categories- good or bad. It will generate digital lead generation and be used to distribute memorabilia in customers.

Such trends are prevalent in the digital market which give the brands a lot of things to think about. Such organic content is appreciate by the consumers of the content and the distributors of the content alike. As for the brands a video production company can give them the following benefits of video content in sync with YouTube marketing.

The brands can piggy back on such challenges as mentioned above. Such content holds immense potential for creation of Google Ads campaign built around the particular video content. It is also vital to know that the amount of times a brand name is taken during such a way on the internet, it works as free advertising for the brand. Such online challenges hold merchandise potential for the brands.

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