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Top SEO Reasons for low ranking of your blog

Do fewer visitors frustrate you? Have you used all the mechanisms of SEO like curating interesting topics, coherent and precise write-ups, using long-tail keywords and alike, but still being unable to fetch readers for your blog? Well! Instead of being apprehensive, find out where you are lacking while posting your blog. Even if you feel you have done everything there are huge chances that you might have missed something crucial.

With the causes mentioned underneath, you can march on for the blog ranking. Besides this, structuring content meticulously can also solve your concern as suggested by the best SEO services company in Gurgaon.

So, with acute interest, let’s dive deep into these 5 main reasons why your blog isn’t getting the traffic it needs:

You are sure your blog is possibly the best piece you have ever written and could probably generate traffic, but what if your blog doesn’t attract its target audience and doesn’t perform well? Here’s what can be wrong with it:

Weak Writing:
Precise content can do wonders in comparison with a content piece that leads the viewers astray. Having a deep understanding of which topic you are writing and bringing that in your blog, is the best thing that will work in your favour for the SEO blog ranking. Sometimes, complex content doesn’t work as well as simple content does. The content should be intelligent, reliable, and conversational. Try avoiding typos and consider stylistic overhaul writing for a better ranking.

Lack of external Links:
According to the SEO and Google algorithms, relevance and good quality links are significant. The quality of hyperlinks and backlinks in your blog is directly related to its ranking on the SERPs. However, one has to be cautious about not using too many links on the webpage. Post links to only those websites that contribute to the conversion on your blog.

Absence of guest posts:
Guest posting is a good way to attract potential users. It is a tactic that enables you to display your content on various sites. Bloggers stay keen to write and share the content on their social media handles. This can give good traffic to your website.

Unfocused Strategy:
Encapsulating similar topic ideas will refine the blog’s ranking. Sailing on more than one boat will increase the chances that you’ll sink. In other words, if you keep shifting your topics then getting a core group of visitors will be a problem. For instance, if you are writing on fashion today and cars tomorrow, followed by the best digital marketing blog, then getting a good rank and solid consumer base is difficult. Instead, try to stay on a single path and drive content according to it.

Winding It Up:
Content is the backbone of any blog to make it rank on SERPs. Just writing and publishing the blog won’t help you generate organic traffic. Good blogs are a way to reach your audiences. So, you need to consider things that drive traffic to gain maximum eyeballs. These tips will help you. However, if you are interested to know more, take assistance from the digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.

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