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Top Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Generating Leads

So, you have successfully created a beautiful website with the best web design for your business, but are you still failing to earn some customers from it? Do not worry, many businesses face this issue but the good part is, it is fixable. Before making any changes to the website, it is very important to first understand what you are doing wrong.

There are many factors that are involved in converting the website traffic into successful leads for the business. Here, let’s have a look at the most important factors as suggested by the best web designing company in Gurgaon and understand where your website is lacking:

  1. Having an Engaging Landing Page: It is of utmost importance that your website has a very simple yet engaging landing page for the visitors to easily understand your offer and convert into your customer.

    Make sure that you have a custom web design and your landing pages include these elements to attract the maximum customers:

    a) A Contact Form: Asking the customers to share the only information which you need to follow-up, because a long-form can irritate customers and force them to abandon your website.

    b) An Attractive Image: Including an imagery (or video content) explaining your brand and offering can prove to be very helpful in increasing your conversion rate.

    c) Call-to-Action: It is very important for you to explain the next step to your customers, a simple call-to-action button can solve your problem and help the customers to move to the next step.

  2. Excellent Content: Once a visitor successfully reaches your website, the quality of your content decides your impression on the visitor, the initial few seconds decide whether the visitor will become a customer or not.

    Now it is very easy to fill your website with amazing content, just keep in mind these factors to build a great brand image through your website:

    a) Explain how you are different from your competitors

    b) Keep your website up-to-date with the updated details, offers, products, and services.

    c) Do not miss out on using some great images and videos in your content, because your visitors are more likely to engage in graphical content than text.

    d) Make sure that you do not have any grammatical errors in your content, as it leaves the worst impression on your readers. You can seek support from the best content marketing company to create the most engaging content for your website.

  3. Enough Traffic on your Website: It is impossible for your website to generate any leads if you are not getting enough traffic, so it is very important for you to optimize your website to show up on the search engine. Here are some points to keep in mind to optimize your website:
    a) Have a strong off-page SEO (increase the number of backlinks to your website)

    b) Generate a sitemap for your website and submit it.

    c) Boost the speed of your site

    d) Have a responsive website so that users can operate your site on any device. You can use some responsive website development services to do the job for you.

    e) Use the right keyword research to optimize your webpages.

  4. Misleading Navigation: You need to make sure that your web pages do not have a confusing layout leading to your visitors to miss important information. The call-to-action buttons are supposed to be placed at the right location to make sure that you do not lose your visitor’s attention.

    Having the right placement will also boost your performance in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) and ensure more eyes on your content.

  5. Have a Mobile-Friendly Website: As per top experts, more than 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, so just imagine, because of not having a mobile-friendly website you are losing more than half of your customers to your competitors.

    Moreover, Google also considers the mobile-friendliness of a website as a contributing factor to the overall ranking of a website on Google’s search engine pages.

So, now you know why your website is not able to generate you the number of leads that your business deserves. But with the right strategy, you can convert more and more visitors into customers and see rapid business growth.

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