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Top PR Trends 2020 that will keep you Ahead in the Game

As the new year of the decade has started, we are sure that you would be wondering what can be the best PR strategy that will work in 2020 and how will you stay ahead in the game of maintaining relationships. With the onset of new technologies and platforms, more and more businesses are realising the benefits of digital PR and using it to build their relationship with target audiences.

Well, to stay ahead of the curve and mark your strong digital footprints, businesses need to adopt the Public Relation strategies that may work for their industry. To adopt the best PR strategy that caters to your brand, you need to consult some of the top digital PR agencies in Gurgaon.

Here are the basic five trends that will dominate the marketing and PR efforts in 2020:

  1. Invest in Micro-influencers: You may observe that influencers with a large following on video marketing platforms do have a strong impact on their followers, but Micro-influencers also have been a focus for some time now because they are more within reach. They have tended to earn money from branded and sponsored content. This year the tables will turn for those who have bought fake likes and engagement because they just aren’t showing brands a valid, measurable return.
    As consumers will be uninterested in investing their time and money in brands which lack authenticity, brand managers will have to make a strong marketing strategy and verify every influencer and track their ROI.
  2. Brand Experiences Need to be More Personalised: Brands need to self-determine the behaviours of consumers and plan out how they can contribute to making their experiences more personalised. For example, highly targeted ads directly before individuals who want to buy the product or service. Artificial Intelligence will contribute to making brand experiences more tailored as per what people search or do or look for. Marketers are changing their strategies with the advancement in technologies and are striving to make their experiences with the brands unforgettable. Enhance your brand experiences with some of the best PR digital services in Gurgaon.
  3. Look for Chatbot Service: With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, businesses will begin to build deeper relationships with their customer base. AI can help chatbots to learn more about the consumer’s preferences and help chatbots interact with the consumer like never before to create authentic and meaningful engagement. Chatbots can help make the consumer experiences better by gathering insights from the consumers.
  4. Interactive User-Generated Content: The demand for interactive content will be more than ever. Content marketing will shift its focus to give people what they want. With the increasing role of technology and the demand for branded experience, it is expected to see a rise in gamified quizzes and polls, online events and shoppable posts. Therefore, marketers are advised to spend on the interactive content which will keep your customers engaged. Consult the best social media management company in Gurgaon for generating the interactive content for your brand.
  5. Brand Storytelling will lead to Brand standing: It’s been a rough few years for press releases. Journalists have been over-burdened with press releases every day and spend less than a minute reading them. One of the best digital PR methods is that the brand should tell its story. Producing engaging content to foster relationships will help the brand build its relationships and gain a handsome amount of media coverage.
    Brand storytelling will also lead to brand standing as the organisation will be telling its stories, teaching lessons and authentic values. Brands would also be taking strong stands on social issues. According to the studies, consumers feel stronger connections and are more loyal to companies that are willing to take a position on major issues than those who stay out of the competition.

These are some of the trends that will surely remain on the top of the world of PR. Try inculcating some of these trends into your strategy to enhance your communication strategy. For more advice on how to develop an effective brand communication strategy, consult the best digital PR agencies in Gurgaon.

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