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Top 8 Tips For Creating Engaging Video Content For Business

According to a study by Hubspot, 92% of marketers who use video as a marketing tool believe and suggest that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy — the highest percentage of any year since 2015. The same study also states that 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI.

No surprise that the best digital agency in Gurgaon integrates Video Marketing strategies for a successful growth of any business. With such a crucial role in marketing, the need of creating compelling videos has skyrocketed. But how to create videos which encourage the user engagement? Not sure? Do not worry, we have got you covered.

We have enlisted the Top 8 Tips for creating really engaging video content for your business:

  1. Human Emotions is an Important Concept:

    While creating your video content, do not underestimate the power of human emotions. Content with personal experiences, storytelling, or customer reactions have shown great results for brands like Fortune, Dabur and even Nike.

    Based on your business niche, do not miss out on tapping into the human emotions in your videos. This will also allow you to showcase your brand’s mission and goals.

  2. Follow Video SEO:

    The top digital agencies in Gurgaon understand that just like your website, your videos need SEO too, as search engines are turning into a leading source of finding related videos.

  3. Follow these steps to optimize the SEO of your video:

    • a) Create attractive Titles which catch people’s interest.
    • b) Write effective descriptions and include targeted keywords too.
    • c) Improve your Link Building (increase the number of links leading to your video)
    • d) Create high-quality and catchy thumbnails. Your video thumbnail is the first opportunity to make your audience view your content.
  4. Understand your Audience:

    A report by OptinMonster states that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

    So, before you get into creating your business videos, spend some time to understand your audience behaviour.

    If your potential audience falls in the 80% then you must focus on showcasing your brand through visuals but if your customers like to read, add more text content in your videos which will engage your audience.

  5. Specify a clear Beginning, Middle and End:

    The best digital agency in Gurgaon found that as a brand you should maintain a unique identity which develops a clear understanding between you and your audience. Following a specific video format will help you create this unique identity.

    We would suggest that you curate a storyboard of brand guidelines, ideologies or purpose, which will help you follow your brand style every time you create a new video. This style earns your viewers trust for your brand.

  6. ‘Do not’ target Sales:

    Always remember, your audience is not watching your videos to listen to your sales pitch. Never ask your customers to purchase your products directly, as they might stop the video in between or abandon the idea of buying your product altogether.

    The best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR suggest that, to initiate an engagement, ask them to contact you for information or questions. This will help you to find potential customers and once they contact you, you will have your chance to make the sale.

  7. Select your Distribution Platforms:

    Once you have created your video, posting it on Youtube will not be enough to meet your Video Marketing goals. To reach out to maximum audiences, you need to utilize every possible platform.

    The leading video production agency suggests that you follow the below-mentioned guidelines to boost your engagement:

    • a) Embed your video on your Website. This will also improve your website’s performance by making your visitors stay longer.
    • b) Share your videos on your social media platforms: Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook (the second most utilized video platform).
    • c) Include your videos in the related emails.
  8. Encourage High-Quality Sound:

    The quality of sound plays a very crucial role in creating a high-quality video. Your audio content needs to compliment your videos which will ensure that your viewers continue to watch your video.

  9. Use Social Proof:

    More than 50% of the customers mentioned that they find testimonial videos useful.

    If you include some customer reviews or a social proof, it will help you in improving your brand’s credibility and earn customer’s trust.

    Once the customers trust your brand, they would love to interact with your brand often and engage in buying your products or services too.

Creating high-performing videos consumes time and effort, but if you follow the right plan with the touch of creativity, you can successfully create compelling videos for your brand.

If you are looking for professional support in creating video content, we recommend you to contact the best video marketing company, The Marcom Avenue, as we’ll provide you with a practical video marketing strategy to improve the performance and further help by creating more engaging video content.

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