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Top 6 PR Tactics that will ensure Sales and Growth on Social Media

With technology advancing and communication becoming easier at a finger’s touch, it has now become convenient to find, connect with and grow your customer base. Consumers are moving online and so are the businesses, breaking down any barrier between their audience and goal. Public Relations is one of the oldest marketing tools that established trust with customers through traditional methods of communication is now entering the world of digital marketing. Social Media complementing traditional communication is making for good PR and is helping create a connection with the customer a two-way street.

Brands are incorporating this way into their brand communications strategy, as it is convenient and creates a major impact on the consumer. So, if you are one of those brands then we, The Marcom Avenue, can help you succeed in this endeavour, or here are some tricks on how you can leverage Social Media Platforms to succeed in the world of digital public relations:

1. Share everything on Social Media, become Social Media Savvy:
Eat. Sleep. Engage. Repeat. Approximately 45% of your target customers are present on at least one of the social media platforms and posting valuable and relevant content about your product/service on these platforms will get the attention of your target audience that you are looking for. This may seem like a component of social media marketing but the lines are blurring, aren’t they? You should promote/boost your social media post to engage and gain the attention of users and companies who may not have already been paying attention. Don’t just post links; let people know your new story is up.

2. Use PR information and promote/boost it to attract audience:
Don’t lose any opportunity to let your social media followers know that your story is up and live. Take time to interact and share the same message in front of people multiple times. Only 2 percent of people make a purchase with one exposure, so if you aren’t repeating yourself, you’re losing.

3. Add PR article in Sales Kit:
When you are reaching out to a prospective stakeholder, add your PR article in the Sales kit. It is an effective marketing strategy as customers like seeing the type of content to get a better sense of your message and value. This will engage them, and as we said, the more ways you can get your message in front of people, the better.

4. Link Relevant Sources in Blog:
Content Creators are looking to establish subject-matter expertise through various channels/platforms. One should ensure that relevant links are shared for the readers as it establishes that you have industry knowledge, niche expertise in the field and helps create genuity. This also helps with your website’s domain authority and back-linking, which will help attract more viewers.

5. Publish Newsworthy Content around your product/service:
Don’t waste time contemplating if the information is newsworthy or not just spread the word, my friend. It’s your job to share what’s happening whether it is about you achieving a milestone, personal story or just a market trend that validates your product’s value; sharing the information is very crucial. You don’t have to establish the newsworthy context, it will work and it is the best hack for leveraging PR.

6. Personalize:
People seek content that is personalized, curated for their entertainment from relevant topics in their life. Social Media Ads of all have to be personal in context, picturization and topic to make connect and generate an ROI.
Transcending just press relations, social media and online presence have transformed the way people can develop their brand and cultivate a customer base. By following these and other tips, you can grow strong momentum and leverage PR for growth and sales.

The Marcom Avenue is an integrated marketing communications agency. We have an expertise in providing social media solutions, designing and executing strategies from an array of other digital marketing services.

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