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Top 5 PR Campaigns to Inspire Your Next PR Campaign

Sometimes, a press release about your company’s new launch or stories that you were hoping to get picked up in coverage, fail to grab media attention. Media houses are in real hunger of juicy stories and marketing campaigns that stand the brand out. As the competition of branding has been rising, it has been important for every brand to adopt a PR pitch that helps them stand out in the market and creates a hype. Some of the best PR agencies in Gurgaon will create a remarkable PR strategy for your brand and help you meet your goals.

To save you time, we have compiled a list of some of the best examples of PR plays which will help you in creating the out-of-the-box campaigns:

  1. Lyft And Netflix: Strange Mode
    When Stranger Things 2 was released, it created an unprecedented amount of hype on the first day of its release. Almost 3,60,000 people binge-watched it. One of the stunts that built up this hype was Lyft and Netflix’s Strange Mode prank. By engaging Lyft customers in an environment that was terrifying and strange, they made their fans feel like they were actually in the upside-down situation. The main aim was to celebrate Halloween and the launch of the new season of Stranger Things together.
  2. Logitech: Business Speak Detection Spoof
    Every marketing agency creates best spoofs, pranks and stunts around April Fools Day that create hype among the people. One of the funniest spoofs that created hype in the market was Logitech’s fake Business Speak Detection product video. They pulled out a pun by giving their product an accurate name. The video poked the fun by showcasing businesses’ obsession and overusing of buzzwords. It also gave the feeling of a real product overview, which made it even more hilarious. Consult some of the best PR companies in Gurgaon for the most effective brand communication strategy for your brand.
  3. Johnnie Walker: Jane Walker
    As a part of Johnie Walker’s CSR strategy, they decided to promote gender equality and pay respect to the achievements of women by launching a female version of its Whiskey on the International Women’s Day. The limited-edition bottle was branded as Jane Walker which featured a woman on their iconic logo.
    In March 2018, Johnnie Walker released 250,000 bottles of Jane Walker, and for every bottle sold, they donated $1 to organizations that empower women. This tangible impact helped their campaign gain, even more, support and publicity. Hire the best PR agency for creating an effective brand communication strategy for your brand.
  4. ALS Association: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
    A few years ago, videos of people dumping a bucket of ice water over their heads flooded social media, known as the Ice Bucket Challenge. The viral sensation of 2.4 million videos was a way to raise awareness of a neurodegenerative disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The main aim was to raise money for the ALS Association and research on the disease.
    The viral challenge raised more than 115 million dollars. The campaign was a massive success for spreading awareness, and funding for ALS have skyrocketed, all thanks to the millions of people across the world giving themselves brain freeze for the cause.
  5. Guinness: Guinness Clear
    To promote a new beverage which will keep you hydrated, Guinness pushed a series of ads. Their PR campaign tried to address the serious issue of binge drinking. With the hope of adopting healthier habits, the company hopes that consumers will drink more of their “Guinness Clear”.This lighthearted PR campaign is actually trying to address a more serious issue- binge drinking.

These are some of the best PR campaigns and provide you to create an effective PR campaign strategy. Reach out to the best PR company in Gurgaon for developing the most remarkable PR strategy for your brand.

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