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Top 5 Diwali Digital Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

Diwali has always been the most special festival for every one of us, but it is also one of the most important festivals on the marketing calendar. It is the time that is full of opportunities to engage the audiences and be part of the essence of this beautiful occasion.

The moment of preparations has arrived again, and one of the best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR has curated the list of the top 5 Diwali digital campaigns which have churned out the optimum ROI in the past few years. These campaigns will inspire you to tap into this festival of lights effectively and in a more connected way:

  1. #ShareaCoke by CocaCola

    During the Diwali season in 2018, Coca-Cola launched a TVC campaign which celebrates the uniting of the diverse cultures in the Northern and Southern parts of India. The commercial featured some renowned names like Ayushman Khurana and Anupriya Goenka.

    This campaign suggests that we must learn about each other’s festivals better and celebrate them together for a more united and connected world.

    Till date, the video has captured over 11 million views, just on Youtube.

  2. #ShorYaSangeet by Saregama Carvaan

    This Diwali campaign was focused to bring a humane touch to the Saregama Carvaan and send out a social message that noise pollution is hazardous not just for the old people, but also for animals.

    The leading social media optimization company believes that this campaign was a hit because of its 1,50,000+ views and got hyped on the social media platforms by many influencers too.

  3. Doston Wali Diwali by Pantaloon

    Diwali Campaigns- Pantaloons

    Last year, Pantaloons was all set to celebrate the festival of lights and love with a heart-warming campaign ‘Doston Ki Diwali’. This campaign is based on the premise that Diwali is always celebrated with loved ones and Pantaloons brings this custom to life by celebrating Diwali with friends who are like family.

    The brand left no-stones unturned to maximize the reach of this beautiful campaign, and the top digital marketing company found that this campaign was publicized across TV, print, outdoor, digital and radio.

  4. Celebrating the ‘Tanishq wali Diwali’

    Tanishq’s campaign aims to take forward the age-old tradition of purchasing jewelry which makes Diwali auspicious.

    With over 1 million views on the YouTube video, the brand made it big, merging it well with the festive collection and product integration.

  5. #AbLagRahiDiwali by Surf Excel

    This campaign was a graceful effort by one of India’s biggest washing powder brands to spread the vibes of Diwali while not missing out the touch of its product.

    No surprise, #DaagAccheHai is a legacy of the Surf Excel. The video witnessed 64 Lakh+ views just on Youtube.

    Looking at some of the best Diwali campaigns by the top brands, the best digital agency in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue understands that it is very significant to focus the emotional angle of those beautiful festivals while creating any marketing strategy to win the hearts of your audience.

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