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Tips To Align Your PR Efforts & Social Media Channels

With the evolution of time, the world has seen major changes and invention in technology such as social media growing to become one of the most effective storytelling tools out there. With the ever growing audience on the social media channels, almost every brand, big or small, is trying to include social media in their digital PR strategies as a mode of connection with a much larger audience.

In the initial days, PR on social media was just like a test and trial technique, but now as the industry has grown, the promotion strategies seem incomplete without the proper use of the social media channels in it.

“A failure to align PR and content strategies leads to a failure in effectively engaging with your target audiences,” says Chapman, who has strengthened communications alignment for businesses, emerging companies, and global brands for two decades.

Here are a few tips by one of the top PR agencies in Gurgaon which will help you to come up with a social media strategy which will be designed to align with traditional Public Relation techniques:

Conquer the Hashtag Game:

Hashtags play a vital role when it comes to social media, it is one of the greatest tools to grab the attention of your audience. These hashtags help people to find your brand account and help you in gaining more followers.

Also, hashtags will help you to create your own individual identity on social media. Brands and businesses build their own hashtags to be used in their content/post to bring light on the latest products and services.

These hashtags will also help you to reach a larger audience and earn the trust of your audience, as the influencers use them to promote your brand with a relevant content strategy.

Master your Brand Voice:

As a digital PR agency, our first goal while creating content and engaging with your audience is to understand and adopt your brand’s voice. This is your brand’s unique voice which helps to create an identity for your business.

This voice can be based on some of the most minor aspects which many brands fail to understand the importance of, like:

  • The tone of your company (stuffy or serious)
  • How your business name is presented to the audience
  • Taboo words and Phrases to avoid

Before working on your social media and PR, it is very important to get hold of your style guide.

Add the Human Touch:

The best PR Agencies state that it is very important to humanize your content on social media channels. People love to see the insights of a company, it makes them feel related and connected.

Sharing your employee’s stories, pictures, in-office activities will help your potential clients to understand your culture and will earn a better chance that they will want to engage with your brand.

Establish a Community:

Every individual loves to be a part of the group where they can share some common interests, information, and advice. Now, as a brand, you have a great opportunity to host a community around your brand.

You can gather a community, where people are talking about your products and services, where you can share your ideas, and you can host special events. This is an amazing idea to offer some value to your followers.

A great example of establishing a community is OnePlus, The OnePlus community. This is a major step for the brand as it has brought together OnePlus fan base and has taken the user experience to the next level. This community is full of OnePlus lovers from all over the globe where people share their ideas, problems, and suggestions, and talk about the brand and creating relevant content for the brand.

So by building a community, you get to share your products and services with the people who are interested in them, get some great input from the customers, and is a great way to promote your brand.

Want expert help to align your social media with your public relations strategies. Reach out to The Marcom Avenue, and have the PR strategies designed for your business to reach out to the target audience.

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