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Tips From a Social Media Marketing Agency on Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising may be a cost-effective and far-reaching form of marketing these days. However, if you are a newbie it can be difficult to crack that. Once you do tend to get a hang of it it can really produce results for your or your brand.

Here are some tips and tricks from a social media marketing agency on Facebook advertising.

Landing Page

Your ad is effortless? Amazing. Make sure the landing page it leads a user to is simple, clean and effortless too. An seo agency in gurgaon also makes sure that the ad and landing page look alike so that the transition of a user is unnoticeable. If you are looking for sign-ups and contact information, make sure the ad is leading them directly to that form because no user would look to sign up on his/her own, no one’s that interested or has that much time. Incentivize this contact retaining exercise, offer them something in return of the ID, that they cannot deny.

Customized Audience

Facebook offers an amazing option of customizing your own audience on the basis of the database of a web marketing agency. The first thing Facebook asks of you is email IDs to reach out to. These you can find from all those IDs that have been submitted for your newsletter. The people behind these IDs are already interested in your product/service so you just need to show up in front of them so that they remember you. Facebook looks up all these IDs and drops your ad on the pages of these people only. Another thing the platform offers is, on the basis of those email IDs it fetches a related audience that might be interested in your product.

The Ad Structure

Your Ad should have these elements in the given order:

A question/agitating statement: Pitch the audience your product effectively in a great hook statement or question which piques their curiosity or something they can relate to.

A relevant photo: If your audience is too lazy to read up on the content of your ad give them an image that helps them understand what the ad is all about.

Answer/Solution: This gives your audience a little insight into what the landing page may consist of.

Call To Action: The most important part of your ad, it should look cohesive and be highlighted. Make it clickable.

Audience Segmentation

This is better known as A/B testing. With this what best seo services in gurgaon do is create two types of ads, one which focuses on one aspect of engagement and the second one on the other aspect. You see what kind of audience reacts better to what and then judge how you should be going about your Facebook advertising and what will reap more benefits.


      Make a clean, simple and effortless landing page that leads your audience to where you want them.

   Facebook lets you customize your audience, input your audience database and it can take it from there.

   Follow an ad structure which your audience might actually be interested to click on.

      Test what kind of ads work better for a set of users and use the better performing one to your advantage.

All you need is a little bit of understanding of Facebook algorithms and it can really efficiently guide your efforts. Moreover, the competition is not as much as Instagram or Google, so try to make full use of the platform with the help of a social media marketing agency.

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