The Truth of Paid Search and Paid Social Ads

PPC marketing is a boom to the online advertising world. It is one the most powerful tools of delivering the correct message across the correct audience without it being burdening to the business’s budget. The two online mega giants of network providers- Facebook and Google, keep making it easy year after year to reach the audience.

An abundance of features are at the business’s disposal. Even a single platform such as Google Ads gives options of network to choose from with multiple options of tools to apply as well- manual ads, automated ads, click to call ads, banner ads, video ads, search ads, shopping ads, apps instore, Google remarketing and much more.

Like mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, so is Paid search and paid social the powerhouse of Pay Per Click tool (PPC).

As the name suggests, paid search are the ads that paid search advertising platforms show as the search queries rise on any search platform. Most search engines offer this advertising option. Among Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, & Google Ads, Google Ads has the most number of users thus superseding them in revenue collection and advertising user base. Paid search gives a good amount of opportunity for conversion since there is a target audience specifically searching for the solution of a precise problem. Paid search is essentially intent- based advertising where the target audience intents to make a purchase via the search advertising or can be converted through remarketing, on search network.

Paid social ads, au contraire, are juxtaposed with largely consumed offline advertisements such as radio commercial and billboards displayed designed for commuters, TV commercials designed to grasp attention, and other marketing methods such as offline guerilla marketing campaigns. Paid social ads are advertisements done on social media platforms– Facebook being the biggest overall revenue collector from paid social ads via Facebook page marketing. Ads that are seen on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even Reddit (least amount of advertisement consumption due to high subscribership) are basically placing the business, product and/or service, in front of the consumers hoping their interest is high enough to purchase. Or the product that costumers come across in paid social ad is perceived as salient enough through correct message delivery and social media management. The highlight of paid social advertisement is that the business puts forth the need and then offers its business solution(s) as remedy. Instead of just waiting for the entire target market to reach the business, through paid marketing over social media the business also puts itself out there in front of the potential customers’ eyes.

The polarity between traditional media and paid social ads is marked in the regular performance tracking ability given in paid social ads on the platforms. Strengthen given to any brand communication strategy comes from the ability to determine how people are responding and adjust the messaging or targeting. Paid social ads gives the opportunity to expand the user base of the product. This form of digital marketing gives a business the chance to approach a very large group of people, who can be converted into first time customers.

How Paid Search and Paid Social Ad benefit Any Business?

In terms of quick results- Fast results are driven by Paid Search. Paid search specifically targets the audience which interested in buying the product or service being offered. The target audience remains there and through paid search, any business can tap into that audience. They can convert or they don’t. Retargeting enables the business to capture some lost sales.

In terms of lower costs- Paid Social gives lower costs in PPC marketing. This has a simple semantics behind it. The cost of a click is indirectly proportional to the depth of the marketing funnel it is placed in. In simpler words, in the marketing funnel, pay per click is placed where ever determines the cost it will incur on the business. So, in Paid social advertisement the clicks are in the earlier stage which is why they are lower in cost.

In terms of increasing awareness- Paid Social is, industry wide, used for digital branding and rightly so. Paid social ads on social media that audience who might not be aware of the product or service the business is offering. Paid social gives the business the opportunity to brand themselves and sell something that the audience might not even know they require.

However a business chooses to use these tools at its disposal, it is bound to rise up from the place it’s at. But in order to do that, PPC marketing needs to utilized in the goal achieving way possible. If any business requires delivery assuring digital marketing firm, do reach online. This is because they are using a combination of Paid search and paid social. Do find them.

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