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Reason why Agencies Moved From Hamburger Menus to Tab Bars

Digital marketing has exploded through traditional marketing, and with that, so has the need to become more customer centric. Now the top digital marketing companies in India are gradually shifting from hamburger menus to tab bars to achieve that goal. The necessity of an appropriate navigation design has appeared because digital marketing is all about interacting digitally with the viewers of the website, and it cannot be possible unless the website enlightens the interest in the viewer to surf further.

But, what is a Hamburger Menu?

The hamburger menu or the hamburger icon looks similar to what it sounds like, and you must have seen it on many websites. It is the 3-line icon on the top right or left corner of a website. (insert the image)

The purpose of this icon is to let the user surf further through the site, to make the navigation experience easy, and to maintain a cleaner web design. However, now the hamburger menu is not considered efficient for user interactivity.

Tab Bars over Hamburger Menus

A digital marketing agency is focused on creating a customer base, and it is achievable when a website is appealing and is informative to a user at the first glimpse, which is impossible in case of hamburger menus- they have lower discoverability and are less efficient.

People need to first recognize the hamburger menu to continue exploring through the website, and they should also feel the need to do so, which is impractical to do in a side bar menu, as the contents are hidden.

Also, a hamburger menu lacks in terms of user experience, as a user has to go through a two-tap process to reach to a new page, and this might create a navigation friction as well.

A Tab Bar, however, is a navigation menu that organizes content by tabs. It is visible on every screen and provides better visual orientation. The users find it easy to navigate through the website as it provides easy interaction. It is a straightforward navigation method as it lets you offer the central destination in the first page of the website.

Hence, to increate the bounce rates and user interactivity, almost all the top digital marketing agencies are now shifting from Hamburger menus to Tab Bars, as Tab Bars not only provide easy communication but also gives out better information about a company in the first sight.

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