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The Complete Guide on YouTube Business Ads

Have you ever wondered which can be the biggest platform to run your business ads? Well! It is youtube. According to the ad agencies in Gurgaon, “Youtube is the world’s second popular website drawing nearly 2 billion logged-in visitors in a single month”.

If you are deciding where to push your video ads, highly consider youtube. It has a high reach and powerful targeting capabilities that make it undoubtedly a valuable platform across the customer journey.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at your ad format options, run through how to set up a video ad campaign, and list up-to-date ad specs.

The most popular advertisement formats on youtube are as follows:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Non-video ads

Now, let’s discuss each of them in detail so that you can fine-tune your Youtube marketing strategy.

Skippable in-stream ads: These ads either run before the video or in the middle of the video (a.k.a “pre-roll” or “mid-roll”). Their expounding feature is that viewers can choose to skip the ad after the first 5 seconds.

As an advertiser and marketer, you only pay for viewers who stay on your ad beyond the first five seconds. This is why it is recommended to keep the ad video of 12 seconds which lasts for around 3 minutes.

You only pay when a person has watched the first 30 seconds, or if they have seen the whole thing or if they interact with you directly after seeing the ad by clicking.

Non-skippable in-stream ads: 76% of people report that they automatically skip ads. Therefore, some marketers play mid-roll or pre-rolls that don’t have a skip button to them at all.

The right time to choose this type of ad is when you are entirely sure about your creative aims at brand awareness and are engaging enough to hold the audience for the full 15 seconds.

Specifically, for Non-skippable in-stream video ads, Advertisers pay per impression, at CPM (per 1,000 views).

Discovery Ads: Discovery ads are akin to what we see on Google’s result page, compared with the Non-skippable in-stream ads that function somewhat like traditional TV commercials.

Discovery ads show organic results side by side. So, if the videos look more relevant, parallel to the organic results, people can choose to view them.

Discovery Ads include three lines of text with a thumbnail. When interested people click on the ad, they are sent through; to your video page on the YouTube channel.

Non-video ads: Youtube offers a non-video ad budget along with the ad budget for video ads.

  • Display Ads: It appears on the right-hand sidebar, including an image and text, alongside a CTA with a link to your website.
  • In-video overlay Ads: It appears floating on top of video content from monetized YouTube channels.

The combination of both of these ads appears with the related content.

We hope you find this blog interesting and engaging. For more information in this context, visit the best social media agency near you.

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