The 5 Most Common Google Analytics Setup Mistakes

Any marketer who sweats night and day to make the brands top all the charts of numbers and ranking can not tolerate the nuances that put it back in the numbers of positioning. Nowhere is this more true than in digital marketing, where the expectation is for flawless approximately for measurements across users, sites, campaigns, and even devices. In dozens of web analytics audits, it is continued to be seen that a lot of the same simple yet harmful blunders take place again and again. And if this prolongs to be increased day by day, it might happen that the charts of ranking for the brands can go below than you can imagine.

These problems can be quick-fixed easily. In some cases, they literally involve nothing more than marking the hidden boxes of admin sections of related digital platforms. Here are some of the most common problems that occur in the case of Google Analytics setup:

a.Installation of incorrect tracking code: This is one of the most important points to check at the beginning when a Google Analytics audit is carried out. Installing the tracking code at the top of the HTML code will make the data on page-load time, will be collected accurately, and one can find out easily from the reports whether the pages are loaded completely or not. It is the most common error on the technical front that leads to poor results regarding digital marketing. This might seem like a trivial detail, but it can result in under-reporting your hard-earned traffic, blind spots in what your prospective customers are looking at before they purchase (or bounce), and failure to add great prospects to retargeting pools, to name a few.

b.Wrong destination page: If you are hosting an event or page views on your site, one really good aspect to check-in is an analytical audit. For instance, a mistake we find surprisingly often is that a goal will be tied to a user hitting a particular destination page, like a “thank you” page. No harm in that. However, if the wrong page is specified, one can go a pretty long time without realizing that there is an issue if things pass a quick visual inspection. This is a piece of information that demands an attention-to-detail checklist that can ditch your social media optimization services.

c.Lingering diverted traffic: One of the most common mistakes in the Google Analytics setup objective is diverted traffic in the other channeling groups deviating the paths of the concerned group. This is a problem for a few reasons, primarily that it robs you of insight about which of your channels should’ve gotten credit for those clicks, sign-ups, or sales.

d. Internal site search: Internal site search is the quickest way to know what users are searching for when they come to your website. It plays an important role in your customer funnel as well as your marketing funnel. It is the most overlooked aspect by most companies as it contains heavy data and analytics.

e. Single goal with multiple goal funnels: The last common mistake that occurs simultaneously is setting up a singular destination goal with multiple funnels. They all get wind up at the same receipt page without providing the desired information.

Thus, improving and working on the above-mentioned segments, Google Analytics can help you grow your business with desired numbers, rapidly.

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