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The 5 Best Women’s Day Ad Campaigns, that Hit Home in 2018.

We call this the day of appreciation, not empowerment. For she is empowered, and strong. She is resilient and kind. For she knows the power she holds and that truly is a sight to behold. On this beautiful occasion of women’s day, we decided to look back at some of the beautiful women’s day ad campaigns for 2018.

Borosil – Undefine

This smart take by Borosil captures how childhood is the foundation for reversing society’s defined but unsubstantiated gender roles.

Women’s Helpline – Domestic Violence

This ad has been curated by a Bangladeshi women’s helpline that hits hard with its message on domestic violence, encouraging women to stand up for themselves. Remember to turn on your subtitles

Reebok – #Bruisescanbegood

This ad by Reebok really strikes you by pointing out how our minds have been conditioned to expect the worst in a situation like this. It’s brilliant the way this ad does away with all the perceptions of a woman being just a victim.

The Roadster Life Co. – Driver Seat

Roadster picked up on its USP and put the women behind the driver’s seat with their seatbelts reading who they truly are and have the capability to be. This ad points to them being the drivers of their own life.

Amante – #WomenforWomen

Amante curated this brilliant campaign highlighting that women can be there for other women and do not have to be pitted against each other.

So go on, be the beautiful badass that you are and have a happy women’s day!

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