The 3 V’s of Branding

There are 4 V’s in the world. One is the V that a woman has, and the other three are that of Branding that digital branding agency amalgamates in the branding communication strategy of an e-commerce business module. These 3 V’s build an ecommerce brand from scratch to industry leaders and yes, we are going tell you all. These are as follows-

  1. Voice

Voice is the brand messaging of any ecommerce website. A few crisp adjectives should be able to describe your brand as a voice to the customers. Myntra? Trendy, accessible, convenient. Amazon India? Everything, fast, trust worthy, affordable. Paytm? convenient, omnipresent, memorable. Uber? Customer satisfaction, punctual, competitive edge. This is how a creative marketing agency differentiates the brand messaging.

The voice of the brand is the major upsides conveyed to mass audience knowing the exact thought process of the niche target audience and then diverting them towards your ecommerce business platform.

It needs to be short, crisp and consistent. It is resonate with the linguistic ability of the target audience. It should be reinforced during any customer interaction.

It can be communicated in SEO format alone with the help of an SEO company in Delhi.

  1. Visuals

Visuals are essential to an e-commerce brand. Visuals encourage the customers to respond on an e-commerce website. Some customers respond immediately while others might need to be swayed with a little more of the branding magic. The overall visual appeal of an e-commerce brand screeches everything a band stands for in front of the customer.

The visual has two segmentations. One is content, that is provided while establishing the voice of the e-commerce brand. The other one is context, which is matching the brand message with the imagery. Delivering  content and context together pushes the brand promise and attracts the customer to take a purchasing decision in favor of the brand.

Visuals need to have color impact, visionary approach, and personality traits. It needs to influence the customer within the 90 seconds frame of decision making. It needs to generate engagement. It needs to set a tone for the brand’s social currency. Setting the visual in the right pattern to optimize it for clutter breaking content is where a social media marketing agency helps in establishing any brand’s social currency.

  1. Value

According to Harvard Business Review, 64% people buy from any brand because they share the same values as the brand.

The product category, the price set and subsequent offers, and the delivery options all need to at least meet the industry standards. The key to do this is to understand what the customer’s most urgent need is and solving them. This brings value to the brand.

The brand values that set it different from competition in the eyes of the consumer are what gives the brand a competitive edge? Does the customer believe in the same values? Does the customer even consider the brand values valuable?

Building an E-commerce Brand

Building an e-commerce brand long lasting while staying in profit goes beyond just creating a visually influential website. Even with consistent direct targeting, it is possible that an e-commerce business may not work. Market analysis, competition analysis, branding messages, target audience influence and reach. A lot more of these efforts are required. This is where hiring an integrated marketing communication agency comes handy.

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