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Technological Advancement: Enhancing Customer Experience

What’s the first thing you do right after you wake up? Shut the alarm clock and check your notifications probably. Do you remember waking up to the sound of a hen roosting right at sunrise, waking up everyone in the neighbourhood? Thank God to the one who made an alarm clock. There’s a saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”, and I see that why? One has to change with the time, otherwise, they’ll lag behind.

The world is changing at an exponential rate, and everyone is trying to cope up with it. The advancements coming up in almost every sector is remarkable. The upgradation is done to ease off the work pressure and increase the productivity on and off the floor.

Following are the technological advancements which the world has witnessed in the past decade:

  1. Virtualization: The problem of network connectivity is something which is not acceptable as the whole business depends on network connectivity. We come through this problem in our daily life. Products like VMWare, XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V have simplified the work by reducing physical resources.
  2. Ecommerce: Who hasn’t used Flipkart or Amazon, of course, they provide products at much cheaper rates. Opening a shop online has become so easy and all the haziness of licenses and loans have been cut-off thanks to GoDaddy, WooCommerce.
  3. Social Media Platforms: They say, “If you’re not on social media, you do not exist”. Social media platforms play a crucial role as many companies operate on it. Advertising and promotions are now being widely done over these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the go-to platforms for brands as their target audience is their in large numbers.
  4. Content Management Systems: There was a time when companies used to hire a web developer, especially for the purpose of creating a corporate website. That is now a thing of the Now building a website is as easy as making maggie and platforms such as WordPress, Drupal have made that possible.
  5. Mobile Applications: You hungry? Open an app and order it! Things have become so easy, and so is doing business. Now, companies can use mobile applications, also known as apps in common language, for the purpose of monitoring, administrating, and participating in a web conference and can do so much more with them.
  6. Customer Handling: Dependency on call centres are now being reduced by the coming of real-time ChatBots and AI systems which helps you connect with the customer on the go. So waiting in a long queue to talk to the customers’ relationship manager can now be done by just a software algorithm.
  7. Emails and other offline applications: Many companies despite of software like G Suite prefer an in-house email server to communicate within the team and outside the organization, which uses desktop spreadsheet which has more features than cloud-based

Advancements are still being made in the existing software as there is always a scope of improvement.

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Author Bio: Shubham Visaria works as a business development executive at The Marcom Avenue.

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