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Are you still scrolling through the feed, thinking of winning the insta marketing game?! Well, take a minute or two and read this blog instead! The hashtag game has changed the industry. It makes or breaks a brand. The campaigns, strategies, promotion efforts, and target audience are all depend upon the choice of words that a HASHTAG has.

A hashtag is everything. It might seem periferal on sight but #AbkiBarModiSarkaaris unforgettable. A small hashtag was trending with unimaginable use of digital marketing efforts put in Indian politics, revolutionizing the game. #NaamZiddiHai, used by Muscle Blaze, is a very popular supplements brand using this hashtag for their launch of a new product.

The success of your product depends upon how well strategized market launch is. A market launch includes your brand placing, market study, and especially launch period- dates of a month.

A successful campaign launch covers different aspects and the verticals of digital marketing. Campaign strategy has to be designed keeping in mind about the target audience, geography and competitors. A hashtag (#) might not sound much of an important factor in designing of marketing strategy but it holds the power to grab- attention of the viewers in a snap!

But there are certain things one should keep in mind before using these hashtags.

Innovation and Uniqueness: For your product to be unique, you need to position it in a way like no other competitor in the market has done. Coming up with funny and interactive hashtag can stand your product out of the crowded. Opting for common or generic hashtags won’t do you much good. Innovation and uniqueness can turn the heat up.

Keep your eyes open: Socializing and staying connected over different social media platforms can help you stay connected with the trends of the market. Utilizing the trending hashtags and moulding it according to your product is required. This can help your post reach to a much wider audience and will reach out not just to your followers but also to other people as well.

Know when to act: Creating a good hashtag isn’t the only challenge, but when to use it, that’s the trick. The art of striking, waiting for the right time creates an impact. Using hashtags in your every post isn’t going to do you much good, waiting for the ‘moment’ will have the required impact and this will lead to a greater brand engagement.

Be campaign specific: You have to create a trend which is brand specific. Going out of context will do you no good, be in that campaign circle; design, innovate and implement accordingly-the Mantra for a successful impact of your design strategy. Be idea specific, campaign related thoughts and connecting it with the audience.

Hashtags, when used correctly, can help you in numerous ways like promotion of your brand, generate loyal customers, generate sales and income. A casual hashtag helps you generate good and generous feedback but if designed strategically, it can do wonders.

They can be used to generate loyal customers. An individual has to be creative as according to a study shows a much shorter and concise hashtag is better than a long and meaningless hashtags.

So, #Go #Creative! #Go #innovative! Go hashtag!

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