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Site Migration; following the right path is key

Being in the SEO world means competition. A very high competition at that. Things constantly keep changing to keep the user engaged. One of the big steps that a website design agency takes for a better SEO is site migration. Broadly understood site migration is having your website undergo major changes in terms of site location, platform, structure, content, design and/or UX. However, the process can prove to be risky if done without caution and research.

Here are a few tips by a website designing company in Delhi on how to do it right.

Planning & Backup

It all begins with planning out the kind of changes you want to incorporate with your site migration. You first need to decipher your final goal, whether it is wanting to increase traffic or to grow from the existing figures or anything else. Based on that you can then decide how you should plan and go about the project. Once the planning phase has been covered with the involvement of all the key stakeholders the most important thing, according to a web designing company in Gurgaon is backing up all your data. Not only are you saving important data that can waste all effort if lost but you then have a standard for comparison while migrating.

Website Crawling

It’s essential for a web marketing agency to crawl the website. Crawling is a step that helps accumulate data from the site and also makes important checks. You could download a program for the former that will crawl the website and collect important things like URLs, page titles, metadata, headers, etc. Secondly, you can have the crawler ensure that it checks for any 404 or 301 error pages. These are sure to lead to declining traffic. Equip these error pages with redirecting links to the new pages or the homepage, so that a user isn’t left hanging.

Pre-Launch Testing

No new website should go live before wireframing and prototyping have been done. For any seo company in Delhi working on site migration, this counts as the best way to ensure the least possible mistakes. Doing this can identify any SEO or UX issues with the website and they can thus be combated with minimal investment. If only everything is working perfectly and all the links are being redirected to the right pages, then the website is ready to go live. Remember to make sure that all the internal links have been optimized and updated or else that could mean bad SEO.

Keyword Rank Tracking

This step is something that any seo company undertakes before site launch and completion. Once you have an eye on the keyword ranks before the migration you can be clear that any problems that arise after migration might not have a whole lot to do with the SEO. Since you’ve monitored it beforehand, there won’t be any scope for confusion. Try working out which keywords are responsible for the organic traffic and track them on both desktop and app.

Hope these two cents from us help you. Being a website design agency these were some learnings we made from all our dead-ends. This will help prepare you.

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