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Plan Your Facebook Marketplace And Sell Your Products

Facebook Marketplace was launched as a platform for individual sellers to sell items like clothes, fashion, furniture and a lot more. But, eventually Facebook began to roll out opportunities for the businesses to expand their online product sales.

This article will enable you to give a kick-start to your online selling campaign on the Facebook marketplace, but before getting any further, let us understand What is a Facebook Marketplace?

What is a Facebook Marketplace?

The leading digital marketing company in Delhi NCR understands Facebook Marketplace as an open exchange platform which allows users to sell or buy new or used products to the other users on the platform.

This marketplace is a functional option for the buyer and the seller since they can filter the products on the basis of price, location, categories, and more.

Why do you need to Sell on Facebook?

This is a very common question which every business has before placing their products on Facebook, and here is why:

  • There are no additional costs incorporated while creating and managing your product listings. FB Marketplace is a free yet effective mode of boosting your sales and revenue.
  • The best social media optimization services found that with millions of active daily users, Facebook Marketplace is a perfect platform for you to boost your brand awareness.
  • While selling on Facebook Marketplace, you can directly respond to any queries from the interested buyers. So, you can create a relationship of trust and reliability with your customers and they also feel more comfortable in engaging with you.
  • Facebook Marketplace allows potential customers to engage with you directly from Facebook.
    Marketplace helps you to find relevant customers for your business, improving your possibilities of making a sale.
  • Setting up your Facebook Marketplace for Business allows you to diversify your selling channels and stand out online and beat your competition.

How to Start selling on Facebook Marketplace?

The best digital agency in Gurgaon explains that Creating your Facebook listing is a very simple process, you just need to follow Facebook’s Commerce Policies and your listing will be approved.

To begin, you do not need to create a separate Marketplace account, you can make your first sale using your business account. Here is a step-by-step guide for creating your first product listing:

Step 1: Click on the Marketplace Icon placed on the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Now you will find an option ‘Sell Something’.

Step 3: Select the category of the products you are selling from two options: Item for Sale or Properties for Sale or Rent.

Step 4: Now you will be directed to create the listing for the products. You need to fill in these details: What you’re Selling, Price, Location, Category, Description, and Product Photos, if any.

Step 5: Click ‘Next’ to proceed

Step 6: Here is the last step, click ‘post’ and your listing is ready.

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The team will provide you with high-end support throughout the complete process of creating your Facebook listing and selling your products online.

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