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Master listening; one of the top B2B fundamentals

One of the most important things the top 100 marketing companies engage in is improving their listening skills. They do so as a way to ensure a high NPS score. If one listens to one’s consumers and we mean really listens then there’s no better way to ensure customer loyalty. Because not only are you listening to a surface demand but actually trying to understand where that demand comes from. This process of active listening has over the years helped us not waste money developing features that a user was least interested in.

Here’s how a lot times we don’t end up listening to our consumers even if it is one of the top digital marketing companies in India.

Technological Barrier

While technology is all that there is in ensuring a good customer experience, it’s almost worrying when we lose the ability to understand what the consumer may be saying to us. Technology has become so prevalent that it’s almost coming in the way of listening to or interacting with one’s customers. Thus, many digital marketing services company try their best to have a personal touch with the customer. You don’t know how much you can achieve with that little personal touch.


While chatbots maybe a way to show the customer that you are ever-present and will get back to them as soon as you possibly can, they can also create a void between the brand and the user. According to the best digital marketing agency, these chatbots may mimic human interaction but they are also limiting the same. If you’ve ever reached out to Zomato’s help center you would witness real human interactions which are rather friendly and even funny. These conversations also got a lot of social media limelight, delighting the customers and offer an amazing UX.

Scheduled Posts

Scheduled posts are an insight into how far we have come in the automation process. So much so that you now have automated tools that can automate the whole timeline and do the postings without you having to worry about it. However, this completely takes out the human element out of the process. While pre-scheduling is great according to a social media agency, it’s only better to do that for the whole week and then customizing posts that may suit real-time situation that may come up without expectation.

Customer Journey

A lot of brands are refining and narrowing down their customer segments so as to ensure a highly personalized consumer experience, which surely is commendable. However, if these efforts are automated too then you again risk losing a connection with your audience. If the top digital marketing agencies stop following their consumer journey, not only do they disappoint them but also risk not understanding what the journey constitutes, which can actually prove monumental in gather consumer behavior and guiding further marketing steps.

These little yet important insights by the top 100 marketing companies can prove monumental in ensuring high customer engagement. Remember to join the customer in their journey and authentically try to listen to them for it ensures long term success. Even the best technology cannot beat the effects of a real conversation.

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