LinkedIn: New Audience Insights Added via Third- Party Partnerships

A well planned business development strategy has been applied by LinkedIn. Since the past year, LinkedIn has been working to develop a thorough enough insight of its user base’s key interests and the topics they are keen to read on. This initiative by LinkedIn has had them look at the use of hash tags in posts. This has given LinkedIn an eye into what the audience is discussing, and the interactive topics giving rise to platform engagement. This has been done to incorporate to make idea of LinkedIn marketing not just a marketing jargon.

To further their push, LinkedIn made the company pages capable of listing specific hash tags to their pages. This was LinkedIn can associate not just the consumer to hash tags but also business profiles. Taking all this information in consideration, LinkedIn rolled out an all new API element which is a boon to the social media marketing world. The key focus of this API element is solely to improve LinkedIn campaigns by enabling third- party partners to highlight key topics.

Let’s Get Linked to Facts

According to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions statistics,

•90 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers, (using LinkedIn for influencer marketing has become common)
•63 million decision- makers
•40 million mass affluent
•17 million opinion leaders
•Highest number of LinkedIn users- USA, India, Brazil, Great Britain, Canada
•LinkedIn has 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.
•41% of millionaires use LinkedIn

Their API Gives-

Reach Audience or Audience discovery: The statistics of LinkedIn are varied with above 610 million users currently active on LinkedIn. The platform provides capability to interact with all its users. A business can interact with this large user base, but keeping a track of the exact statistical anomaly is difficult. The audience discovery element of the API of LinkedIn is good for B2B digital marketing as it enables a business to discover all audiences, old or new, who have regular and engagement with industry related topics and articles. Hence, this allows for better discovery search of new groups to engage with and find finer touch points with the audience.

Redirection or Content Recommendation: The other element of the of the API is the content recommendation element for better content marketing service. LinkedIn has made it easier for businesses to discover the latest trending topics which are appealing to the audience, along with the key engagement content. With the category segregation seen in current statistics, content recommendation will allow any and all businesses to tap into the topics of interests of the niche. Here, the defined “niche” is also unlike other. Each individual has professional interests at tips over LinkedIn. These insights can give direction to the planned content strategy and hitting precise targets with LinkedIn.

Competitive Edge or Industry Benchmarking: It is always beneficial to know the position of business against industry. Competitive performance is known to boost any business’s placement in the industry. Industry benchmarking allows each business to know the competitor’s performance,- their content topics and their audience engagement. This gives each business a sneak peak in the integrated marketing strategy of the competition.

As for us, we agree with is reported by Microsoft- such information is of significant value to all businesses marketing and strategizing around LinkedIn. It holds potential to be avid for digital lead generation, giving an insight directly into the person behind the professionals in the money making world. What LinkedIn is currently seeing is ‘record levels of engagement’. Although not as easy as other platforms, but as a B2B organization, if any business could get in, it would prove to help drive performance to strengthen marketing on the platform.

Since, LinkedIn is opening its doors to data collection, it can also lead to data mining. But as of yet, LinkedIn notes that what they collecting and sharing are “aggregated insights that do not identify our members”, ensuring user privacy stays intact.

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