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IPL memes and tweets that have internet ROFLing

The IPL season is at its peak and we are all hooked on to our TV screens or keeping an ear out on the scores. What we are also obsessing over are the memes and tweets surrounding it that are leaving us in splits. Well, here are some LOL-worthy memes/tweets.

  1. Don’t worry friend, you are way above the memes. On another note, Dil Bole Haddipa might be your digital marketing company in delhi
  2. Sorry to break it down for you

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3. No marks, no pimples, no…  

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4. Money, money on the wall which player to we call upon?

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5. We’re dedicated fans after all!

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Hope you had a burst of nice laughter on your way to work. Cuz’ we sure are LMAOing still.

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