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Introduction to Google Ads Quality Score

In the year 2000, Google created a digital marketing platform currently known as Google Ads and previously as Google AdWords. When it was launched, only 350 marketers were using it to build brand awareness. However, today Google has more than 1 million marketers and is a multi-million dollar extension of the company.

With many marketers and top digital agencies using advertising services to increase traffic and ROI, Google Ads has become a highly competitive landscape. Those who don’t use every resource available to their advantage are less likely to grow. The primary way in which Google determines your consumer audience is through the quality score. Google Ad Rank is the quality score multiplied by the pay-per-click bid. This is the most important equation to remember throughout your marketing journey.

What is a Google Ads Quality Score?

To know the overall relevancy of all the ads with respect to customer’s interests, google score is referred. High-quality scores make marketers’ ads perform and rank better. Paid ads are ranked, just like the organic search traffic on a result page. The outcome of your score mainly depends on three main criteria:

  • Expected Clickthrough Rate: With it, the probability of your ad campaign being noticed and clicked by a consumer increases.
  • Landing Page Experience: This tells how organized your layout and sitemap are and the all-inclusive relevance of the site to the consumer.
  • Ad Relevance: The level at which your ad matches the user’s search and intent.

The google scores work as a guiding light. Not getting a good score may be a warning signal as it highlights something that is not right with the ad or website so that you can work on it. Usually, the score is reported between 1-10. It helps the marketers to engineer their ads to have a good impact on the customers.

Here’s How to Check Your Google Ads Quality Score

Marketers run a keyword diagnosis, to see the current quality of your google ads.
A white discourse box ought to be apparent close to the watchwords on the page. Use this to check whether there is a new score, including the ad relevance, landing page experience and expected clickthrough rate of the keyword. When quality score columns are disabled only then the white speech boxes are not visible. Enable them by clicking “campaigns,” and “keywords,” and then select “modify columns” from the drop-down menu.

From here, you can select the option that will allow you to see your quality score, landing page experience, ad relevance, or expected click-through rate. The second way is, you can go back and have a look at the history of these QS components by selecting quality score (history), landing page experience (history), etc. and clicking, “apply.”

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