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Impact of COVID-19 on Search Engine Optimization

The threat of the coronavirus still persists, although, the nationwide lockdown has been removed and the people are slowly and gradually returning to their regular routines. But the whole COVID situation has led to an exponential rise in internet usage consumption throughout the globe, and at the same time, many business websites had to witness a dip in their online traffic.

To help you understand the situation better, the best SEO company in Gurgaon has curated the list of ways Search Engine Optimization has changed because of COVID-19:

  1. You need a COVID-19 page:

    Regardless of your business nature, you need to create a web page which is dedicated to COVID-19: how the coronavirus has affected your business, how your business help the customers, trending details about the pandemic (only if relevant)

    Creating this page will help you to capture the traffic looking for coronavirus and minimize your traffic loss. Just like NIKE did:

    nike update on covid-19

    The leading digital agency in Gurgaon explains that even if your business is offline, such a page can allow you to connect with your users and update them regarding your business news and your further operational plans.

  2. Upgraded Content Search:

    The coronavirus has a major impact on user search queries and in order to attract traffic to your website, you need to keep your eyes on trending topics and create high-quality content at the perfect time.

    To create the appropriate content, you must put emphasis on keyword research and understand user behaviour.

  3. Website categories which are on a rise:

    Ecommerce Sites: As an effect of the nationwide lockdown, demand for the E-commerce websites have spiked instantly, especially for the businesses that sell day-to-day essentials and the products which are related to hygiene and safety such as thermometer, hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and more.

    Health and Fitness Sites: In midst of the global pandemic, people are now dependent on the search engines for health-related information. Such queries primarily consist of keywords like coronavirus symptoms, how to boost immunity, how to stay fit, how to stay active, how to meditate, etc.

    Publisher Websites: Yes, the publisher websites are in high demand as the people are constantly curious about the coronavirus news, and updates.

  4. Conversion Rate Optimization is important than ever before:

    Since many websites had to face a heavy loss of traffic, optimizing the site to improve conversion rate is most crucial during these times of crisis. Are your visitors not responding the way you want? The best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR have curated a step-by-step strategy which can help you improve your conversion rate:

    Analyse Relativity: Spend your time to study the analytical report for your website and identify the keywords which are driving users to your site and analyse the relativity of the landing pages. Now, look into the bouncing rates of these pages.

    If you witness a high bounce rate, you might need to work on your keyword and on-page strategy to build a more relatable page for the users.

    Analyse User Experience: Go through the journey of your consumers to better understand and enhance your website’s user experience. In such times of crisis, it is very significant to make every visitor count.

    Understand your Visitor’s Behaviour: Understand the need of the customers and ensure that your website’s imagery conveys the appropriate messages.

These are some of the primary impacts of COVID-19 on SEO, if your online marketing efforts have suffered because of coronavirus led market disruption, contact the best SEO services in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue, which will help you to make the most out of your business website during this pandemic and beyond.

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