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How To Use PPC(Pay Per Click) Data To Drive More SEO Traffic

PPC campaigns are built to drive up fast results in the search network. Even through PPC campaigns are major source of sales channel in digital marketing mix but usage of their data for organic strategy can be equally beneficial. Combining paid campaign data, Pay Per Click data, with search engine optimized organic campaign strategy can surely enhance a Brands marketing ROI.

The SEO strategy should be intelligently planned keeping in mind the current trends, the latest search algorithms, and day to day constant and changing user behavior. The data collected through PPC marketing allows prediction of results. It highlights which keywords work and which don’t. The beauty of this is the time allocation management and precise touch points to access the target audience. SEO results provide the same information but do take a lot longer to deliver. Using the data from pay per click campaigns can fuel search engine rankings significantly.

Why to Use PPC To Help SEO.

Consider these few reasons because of which PPC strengthens digital branding when combined with SEO efforts.

1. The results of PPC Campaigns identify the conversion rate of keywords. This way one can see which keywords had maximum conversions through clicks.

2. It is effective to use paid advertising to bring the target audience to the business. The audience clicks through highly relevant ads from their search options. If they click on a particular business’s advertisement, they reach the landing page where they find what they want to. The approach gives better insights to behavior metrics. All consumer visits to the landing page results in lower bounce rates and longer session duration. This positive result serves as favorable signals for online search bots. This is why organic search rankings can be nudged to better score through paid targeted traffic.

3. Bidding on own and competitors’ branded keywords is also a strategic move. It shifts the official website in the search results. This way the business keeps all prospects open for the customer to reach.

How To Use PPC campaign Data To Improve SEO Keyword List.

Select high CTR- keywords

Increase the chances of conversion through high click through rate keywords. The click through is the number of times clicks were calculated divided by the number of times the advertisement was displayed. This means that click through rate showcases accurately how well a certain keyword performed. High CTR keywords help in controlled PPC investments which might give little conversions. Its plausible to optimize the content reaching different stages of the sales funnel. It plausible by using these high cost keywords and increasing prospects that are converted.

These keywords are sitting ideally to be reached at Google Adwords reports, and then open Search terms.
Search terms are terms searched by the customers which lead to them landing on the business’s website through advertisements. These are the keywords that have enabled the customers to reach the business. To know the keywords with highest click through rates, select the “high to low” filter under “clicks”. The list will refresh automatically to keywords listed by number of clicks.

After applying the “clicks” filter, shift the focus to conversion rate. Conversion rate is the percentile of people searching and converting into customers of the business. If the number of clicks of certain keywords drive zero percentile of conversion rate, this means that the people searching those keywords aren’t ready to purchase. Though, it is possible to convert these eventually by optimizing blog posts in accordance with these keywords.

It is unheard of, but clubbing unconventional search engine marketing tools together can speed up the overall organic performance. The SEO performance is much likely to increase with PPC data usage. PPC data is more accurate and ready to be procured earlier than reaping the benefits of SEO. Therefore, applying brand activation in such a way will help anyone in their hunger to achieve from their campaign. Intelligent application of paid campaigns will enable anyone to outrank their competitors. Just keep the data updated as required on regular bases.

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