How To Increase eCommerce Conversions During Holiday Season (Pandemic)

Holidays are the peak time for buyers and any e-commerce site. With the pandemic and its effects on the customers’ shopping habits, it is imperative to navigate uncharted waters to increase your sales. Since sales are at their peak during the holiday season, it’s time to gear up and prepare your conversion optimization strategies. The blog is dedicated to informing you of the latest holiday e-commerce stats and trends.

Strategize ahead of time-

The key is to prepare early if you want a successful holiday season. Interestingly, the pandemic has increased the popularity of e-commerce with digital shopping as the safer option. So, to stay ahead, you have to spend time looking at the social media optimization services and look up the holiday strategies of the competitors and determine the strategy to reach your customer base.

Enhance the on-page experience-

It’s critical to make your clients’ purchasing experience as simple as possible. When a consumer visits a website, they expect it to suit their needs, and they will leave in less than three seconds if the website is not accessible and does not match their expectations

Retarget Customers on social media- Retargeting is an effective way of conversion. Not every customer that visits your website will convert into a sale. It is highly unlikely, especially during holidays. But you should take it as an opportunity and retarget them to various platforms because you know that the customer is interested in your product and depending on the products they clicked, you can re-target them effectively. Social media is most effective as everyone is on social media these days. You can also retarget them through search engines depending on their search history. The retargeting methods help in driving high-quality traffic and conversions throughout the holidays.

Use of Personalized Emails-One of the most efficient ways to stay connected with your consumers is to send out emails. Emails are the essential tools for increasing e-commerce sales. You may also tailor emails to your consumer base’s sales history.

Discount countdowns and FOMO- Discounts and gift cards are a great way to bring traffic to your website. Also, creating a sense of urgency in the form of limited offers, offering free shipping, offers on the latest trends attract customers. This will help in triggering FOMO in the customers and is a great way to drive sales. This strategy works wonders during the holiday season to stay ahead in the market.

Mobile optimization – The majority of individuals nowadays purchase on their phones. As a result, your websites must be mobile-friendly. It doesn’t matter how attractive your website is if it doesn’t offer a flawless mobile browsing experience. So, to stay relevant, you must optimize your website to mobile phone for higher sales and conversions, or your business may become obsolete soon.

A quality service- In the form of buy now and pay later is a great way to keep the customer engaged without the worry of not paying money immediately just like how credit cards work. This takes away pressure from the customers and allows them to pay later in installments. Shop on credit is a proven way to boost conversion and increase sales.

Holiday landing page 

Festive-themed landing pages are likely to enhance conversions since they allow you to tailor your landing pages with a special holiday theme. It will make it evident to your clients that you are giving something special to them at a certain moment. In turn increase traffic on your pages. 

Now that the conversion tricks are up to your sleeves, make use of most of them and increase your online sales. Good luck!

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