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How to improve your SEO with a Topic-Driven Content Marketing Approach

The industry is moving quickly from a keyword-focused approach to a topic-driven model. Google’s recent renaming of its ad network, AdWords to Google Ads, provides a good example of this. In the realm of SEO, we have seen this change for a while, including a change in the marketing communications agency as search engines have slowly changed to semantic search. Backlink research conducted two years ago confirmed this feeling when its leading authors found little correlation between organic quality and the presence of a targeted keyword in the title of the page.

Better ways to improve your content strategy
This is not to say that keywords have lost their relevance to SEO, but there are better ways to improve your content marketing campaign by focusing on the way the content is run. The problem with focusing solely on SEO enabled top digital agency is that they severely limit the size of your knowledge base and new content ideas. There are a few ways through which you can improve your SEO with a topic-driven content marketing approach.

Research Your Current Location
The first step in refining your SEO strategy means understanding where your current site is winning and where it is failing. You may have access to the homepage pages and advanced tutorial pages that are set up next to the second page.

User metrics
Google Analytics provides a behavioral flowchart that shows users’ actions as they arrive at your web page. More information content will come with a higher flight rate. So in order to keep more users on your site and maximize your content, it’s a good idea to add additional resources that are relevant to this content so you can continue to serve your customers or expand your existing long engagement content. User metrics will provide a general idea of ​​the quality of your content and whether further steps should be taken.

Create Linking Process
Set up internal links using anchor target text to submit authority metrics thus to your main service pages and transfer their value to search engines. In addition, create links to these pages and encourage them on social media to increase the amount of authority that flows through these pages. Finally, it is recommended that go back and update the old posts to show your service offers and link back to those parent pages.

The conclusion
By using a theme-driven approach to website managers in addition to a strong keyword approach, you can greatly expand your content strategy and help promote important service pages within your site. Get in touch with the top SEO services company in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue and improve the SEO ranking of your page in the most hassle-free way.

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