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How to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score?

In the preceding blog, we have given you overall information on what Google ads quality score is and how you can check it. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can improve your quality score.
Improving quality scores may seem overwhelming at first but if done rightly can fetch immense results.

So, let’s straight dive into it:

  1. Review Data Reports for Impression Share: Impression share is the exact number of your ads viewed by the users out of the total number of times they could have been viewed. The delivery of your advertisements plays a crucial role in building your brand awareness. It gives you a clear picture of whether your advertisements are being delivered as much as they could. Impression share is important to know because invisible ads don’t get clicked.
  2. Too Niche or Too Broad Keywords may not work: Google doesn’t approve content that is either too cold or too hot for the users to grasp. They must be just accurate. Too long keywords will lose traffic in the market because it is hard to comprehend. Similarly, niche keywords will have a narrow viewership. Nevertheless, marketers and marketing communication agencies should aim at finding the middle ground, guaranteeing the good visibility of the ad.
  3. Reframe Ads As Per Relevancy: Relevancy of the ad gets improved by keywords, grouping ads in respect to the target audience, and other factors which improve it. Google views the connection between the results and query of a researcher as the ad relevance. Grouped ads by themes increase the chances of being considered relevant by Google.
  4. Restructure landing page to reflect ad groups: This may sound too much work but every bit of it will pay off. Hitting on the same note, one of the major factors Google looks for in your landing page, how relevant it is to the users/searchers and from which ad they have arrived. Was the ad honest? Do the keywords match? These are all important questions one have to take care of while restructuring a landing page.
  5. Increase landing page load: Many of us get confused in this Google Ad quality score ranking or website ranking. But the ranking of one affects the ranking of the other. The reason for this is, one of the components relates to the landing page. User’s experience on your website reflects heavily in your QS.Google wants to know that the customers can be around with the content on the landing page and is good rough to hold their attention.

The integrated agencies and marketers have to march on with a good rank and improved score because Google checks back on the websites regularly. Also, keep a note of previous scores. Google doesn’t look at your current score but the history of your score over time. So, whether you rank high or not, continue to work on your score to make an impression on Google and your customers.

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