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How to find suitable keywords for your website?

Whenever you search for something on Google, you start by thinking of words that represent what you want to find. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about the google search bar. Instead, we are writing a short version. For example, instead of just typing ‘How old is Elon Musk?’ We could also type ‘Elon Musk’s Age.’ This unique combination of words is what Google uses to get the most accurate answer. Once you know what SEO keywords your customers are looking for, you can customize your web page to show up in search engine results.

What is Keyword Research?
Keyword research can help your business know that the best keywords for your products are services. It is the act of collecting keyword ideas and keyword suggestions that are relevant to the purpose of the search. Doing so means that whenever someone has a question related to your product, you use the right keyword for your site. If you look at SEO keyword research, there are two types of ‘value’ keywords that can have: search relevance and search volume. Let’s take a look at each of these things in detail and how they increase the number of certain keywords on websites.

Keyword Relevance
According to Google, keywords should be directly related to the content on your website, especially the landing page. Website keyword should help to answer a question or provide important information connected to that keyword. People need to be able to understand what kind of product, service, or other content they will find on your site. When you do keyword research, it is very easy to get caught up in trying to measure certain keywords. But you should not only focus on the targeted keyword, but also the purpose of the search behind it.

Search Volume
The second important factor in choosing keywords is mid-month search volume. Keyword search volume shows how many people have been searching for a particular word in the last month. The higher the search volume, the more people ask and the more results there will be in the SERP results. This is where the competition comes into play. If you want to be successful in your race, it can be deceptive if there are thousands of people vying for top spot on Google. This will improve the complexity of the keyword and mean that your site needs more domain authority (and backlinks to your content) to be rated.

Tools we often use to find a keyword are:

Google Ad Keyword Tool
Formerly Google Adwords, Google’s newly renamed ads are a great way to organize your keywords because they are designed for advertisers. Google makes its money through ads, which is why keyword tools are so useful to use. Note that you will need an active ad campaign to be able to see exactly the monthly search volume.

Keywords Everywhere Plugin
A great tool that can be used on both Firefox and Chrome, a keyword tool Everywhere gives you a list of relevant keywords directly on the google results page. While it may not show the full results of a Google page, it is a good way to quickly find out which keywords match your business web pages.

Google Search Console
This method is actually different from the other two, and shows which keywords help your website to be found. It takes a little adjustment to set up, but once it’s started, you can go to Performance and look under the questions to see which search terms lead people to visit your website. This is important because there may be unexpected search terms that seem useful to you.

Focus on Improving Keywords
These are some of the basics of keyword research and making sure you meet the search needs of your customers. In addition to focusing on improving your keywords you should also focus on improving the title and description of the meta on each page of your site to better match your website keywords. The best way you can make your site a source of information for your product or service is the best opportunity like SEO services company in Gurgaon to rank high on Google.

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