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How To Drive Business Through Digital Marketing During COVID-19?

Covid-19 has hit the business industries on a global level, forced a lot of entrepreneurs to wind up their businesses or at least make some major changes in their operations to cut huge costs. As per a survey, 82% of businesses are expecting a significant loss in their business in the upcoming months due to the ongoing pandemic.

In these times of crisis, your online presence plays a more important role than ever before. As per the top digital agencies in Gurgaon, digital marketing is the best tool for businesses to connect with their potential customers at this point of time.

So, to prepare your business to face the impact of Covid-19, we, the best digital agency in Gurgaon, have curated a list of some efficient digital marketing strategies which you can adopt for your business’ growth:

Play the Keyword game right:

As the pandemic has hit, the audience’s searches have taken a major shift. In these times, some people are more interested to learn about the updates related to their ‘health’, current news, activities they can do at home, etc., so you need to understand what exactly your users are looking for.

For example: If you are working in the educational sector, you would want to work more on keywords like ‘learn new skills at home’; as being home-quarantined may have developed a great interest in your customers to learn some new skills.

The top digital marketing campaigns start with keyword research because it helps you to understand the market trend, and serve what people demand.

Boost your Social Media Presence:

Here is a simple study by Nielsen Report which will help you to understand the need to get active on social media:

Consumers from age 35 to 44 have shown consistent growth in their internet consumption by 11%, a similar increase has been seen in social media platforms such as Facebook (+18%), Instagram (+20%) and Whatsapp (+17%). So, as per this report, it is clear that it is the right time to reach your audience through social media.

You need to stay consistent and creative with your social media posts because you need to understand the interest of your viewers. Social Media gives you an opportunity to communicate with your audience and get their direct feedback.

Building a personal connection with the audience will more likely draw attention towards your business.

Lead the Local Market:

The best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR recommend the use of Google My Business for your business growth when you are looking to target the audience in your area.

Google dominates any other search engine by almost 75% searches performed on Google, and if you are looking for customers in your locality, Google My Business is a bliss for you.

Google My Business is a great tool developed by Google for Local Business owners or retail shops. You just need to fill in your details for the listing and optimize your entry to come on the top and attract a lot of customers. You also get some very useful statistics that will help you to understand your user behavior, track website traffic, and optimize your business listing.

Organize an Online Event:

This pandemic has led to a lot of major changes in the business industry such as cancellation of thousands of events causing huge losses for the business owners. Almost everything has been shifted to digital platforms, and brands are benefitting from this opportunity, as regular interaction and engagement is also important.

So, you are in a situation where you ‘Find a Way or Fade Away’.

Technology is at your service, to fight this challenge, with people being so much active on social media, you have a great opportunity to use its ‘LIVE’ feature to connect to your audience.

Here is a big example for you: You would surely know about the Sunburn Festival, one of Asia’s biggest EDM concerts, is also one of the biggest events in India. But the organizers did not lose the fight to COVID-19. Instead the festival is now being held online on Sunburn’s social media platforms, to keep their audience engaged with them.

This is exactly how you need to make sure that your audience doesn’t lose interest in your business.

So, are you looking for one of the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR to keep growing in your business during these times of crisis? Contact Us at

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