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How to Create SEO Friendly Website?

Creating an impactful, beautiful and engaging website is an important element for businesses these days, offline or online. What goes on a company’s webpage really effects the kind of traffic the website would generate. While it is essential to be relevant and have the facts rights, it’s equally important to focus on the surface elements of the page.

Here’s how the best website designing company in delhi design awesome websites:

The visual element

Make sure the website is visually pleasing and not too crowded. A crowded webpage creates an aversion for the user. Think of it as an interior design project wherein all the furniture needs to be placed and selected according to the background colors and more. A simple, easy to read font is the key, don’t pick fonts that look pretty but morph letters in a way that it becomes difficult to read them. Have a nice aesthetic and stand out.

SEO focused content

This is the key for any web marketing agency out there. Produce content that is comprehensible and one doesn’t have to open a dictionary to understand the message, don’t be extremely vague either. Use keywords in just the right places and use the ones that are relevant. Remember to optimize the visual content as well, you don’t want the website to be slow, no user has that much patience.

Emotive interfaces

This is what a good website design agency would do, give importance to their interfaces eliciting an emotional response from the audience. While it’s important for an interface to be functional and reliable, adding the element of pleasure makes it all the more valuable. Adding positive stimuli can generate an emotional response from the user and this becomes a great SEO tool/practice, for this increases user trust and engagement. An emotionally engaged user is likely to link, share, contribute and participate in your website, generating more traffic.

Judicious use of Call-to-Action

Website development companies in gurgaon make use of Call-to-Action (CTA) to rank higher, however, suffocating your webpage with CTA can be a really bad idea. No one wants to overloaded and be pressured to click something on your website. Try to keep it towards the end of the information, a user might be accessing, because then the user is more likely to get from one place to another on the website and even share the website, when they see sharing options at the right time, it doesn’t, then, act as a mental block.


  • Make a website that is visually pleasing and not mentally disturbing.
  • Have light easy content with keywords and optimized visuals, so as to make the website faster.
  • Increase user engagement by involving emotional elements to the interface, the user is more likely to trust the website that way.
  • Know when and where exactly to place options for Call-to-Action.

Hope this helped you get an insight into how the best website designing company in delhi work to rank higher. 

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