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How to attract customers through your Homepage?

You know there is a saying, ‘the first impression is the last impression!’

Well, this has become true, for both online and offline worlds! Today, lesser people have the patience to stick around to read and go through the content that you publish on your website. When people come to your website they are there for some reason, to buy, to sell, or to read. People look for meaningful and useful content when they are on your website.

If I open your homepage right now, will I be able to understand what is that you do, who is it for and how will it help me? Or do I have to scroll down to find what I am looking for by reading through each paragraph?

If you are the former one, Bravo! You have an excellent website, and people will surely take action (buy, sell, or whatever) on your website. If you are from the latter one, you need to work on your website and you are at just the right place; this blog is for you! Or you can hire one of the best web designing companies in Gurgaon.

Now that you have found out that your web page lacks a clear message and is unpleasant to the eyes of a customer, it is time that you do a casual makeover to it.

‘Imagine you are looking at your website for the first time. I know it’s hard, but unsee it for the sake of making it appealing. Now that you are seeing it with a fresh eye, you will find things that you need to change, you’ll now know what is that you have to work on.’

As we begin working on your website, you need to understand what you have to change, let go or add; if you want to create the perfect first impression, you have to answer the three following questions for your website:

  • Who or What you are?
  • What do you offer and to whom?
  • What is it for? (Use or Benefit)

Once you have curated/drafted the information together to answer all the three questions, you then need to place them in content elements like headings, highlights paragraphs, website tagline, images, etc. Through this, you are making your website speak volumes about your brand and what you have to offer!

Every piece of messaging that goes on your webpage needs to have a clear messaging! But, how?

Don’t be too wordy; Be Specific, Be ordinary if need be, but don’t exaggerate! (If you are an established brand, this goes without saying that people will look up to you, but for start-ups, first you need to create your USP, and simultaneously work towards branding yourself and engaging the targeted audience by putting quirky and catchy content; but your emphasis should be on creating your own niche.)

Here is a reference for you to further explain:

excellent website

What do you understand from the above image? Are you able to understand the messaging of the page clearly? They have been able to answer the three important questions so effortlessly. Cosco’s tagline suggests that they are for sports and fitness. The first image of football shows that they are here to sell sports related products, and the second image clearly states that it is for people who are into any kind of sport.

From the above example, we can see that the website isn’t too quirky, but people don’t have to scroll down to find what they are looking for, as it right here on the website, on the landing page.

Also, if you have written a very catchy line to put on your website, but it doesn’t convey the needed, then you can add an explanatory sentence with it. You don’t have to be creative to attract eyeballs; you just need to have answers to one’s contextual thoughts by understanding the target audience.

To help you further, here are some formulas you can use to make the magic happen (to send out a clear messaging from your website):Bottom of Form

deciding what is the biggest benefit of

  • We (do this) for (whom)
  • (Do this) to/and (get the benefit)
  • (Doing this)(with this benefit)
  • (What)(with what benefit)
  • (Get this benefit)(by doing this)
  • (Get this benefit)(with what)
  • Helping (whom)(do what)(with what benefit)


Use clear messaging. Use words that describe your brand. Be jargon-free. Answer the three questions: For whom, what, why?

You have updated your website with what people are looking for. You can also use website maintenance services to keep up with the competitive world. The Marcom Avenue is one of the top website development agencies in Gurgaon, which offers services from ideating to designing and writing content for your website, and also provides SEO services.

Author Bio:

Simran Saluja is working as a Content Specialist at The Marcom Avenue. She is an avid reader, a full-time dog lover, and content creator by passion. You can always find her giving her take on life through social media.

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