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How social media marketing helps in reviving the brand?

“How can you turn ashes back to roses”? If you ask me this question then the only answer that strikes my head is social media marketing. Let me first start with that clichéd definition of social media marketing which you people can get from one click on Google. It would be something like, Social media marketing is a marketing technique that uses social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales and drive targeted traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media platforms, building a strategy to influence your target audience, listening and getting engaged with your followers, analyzing your results and of course running social media advertisements.

But if you want me to define social media marketing in one word, I would use the term “KINGMAKER” for it. I personally feel that in today’s era of competition where the market is flooding with brands, social media marketing plays a vital role in deciding your fate in this competition. I would rather put it poetically ‘Social media marketing can make you and also break you.’ Now you’ll ask me how this definition justifies the answer to the question you asked at the beginning of this article. Let’s dig some deeper and try to understand it.

The market is evolving each passing day and with it, there is the evolution in the taste of folks. The trend keeps on changing with an unexpected pace and if you as a brand are not able to match that pace then my dear your social death is certain.

Maybe you even evolve with every change in the market but what if there is the conversation gap between you and your customers? Well, this is even worst. But with the blessing of social media marketing nowadays, you can actually defeat your death and rise from ashes. Social media marketing can surely save the sinking boat of brands, I wish even Titanic was a brand and social media marketing was there to save it. With Social media marketing, you can surely be a “baazigar” and you know why I used this term.

The Global Digital Report 2019 underlines that the number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.484 billion, up 9% year-on-year; and this number clearly reflects the power of social media. “Today’s millennials are no longer consuming media in the traditional way. They are watching TV on demand and reading news on their mobile devices. So to reach them on TV or print is not possible. If a brand is chasing such an audience, there is nothing wrong on going only digital or only social.” The power of social media in saving a brand could be understood from the recent image transformation campaign run by BATA. It was on twitter where I came across the #SurprisinglyBATA and #ComeAndBeSurprised hashtags. To meet the expectations of millennials BATA introduced its Red Label collection which was completely different from what BATA was known for in the market. But the catch here was that BATA left no stone unturned in its social media marketing campaign on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Apart from the traditional television ads, BATA’s social media marketing efforts revived the declining image of BATA in millennials.

Social media content in reviving the brand is very important. Creating social media content that looks and sounds more like what an individual would post rather than seeming a corporate adds more grace to social media marketing. With traditional marketing, it is not possible to engage the public in your marketing campaigns. But with the social media marketing techniques, you can turn n number of people into your brand ambassadors. Maybe it is a retweet under your hashtag, or it is sharing your ad on a Facebook timeline or participating in TikTok challenge which again is a very powerful tool that can play a huge part in reviving your brand.

When I am writing about how social media marketing helps in reviving the brand, what makes my belief in it firmer and what needs to be mentioned here is that with the help of social media marketing many brands starting from scratch have witnessed the fortune. A brand like Ace Blend, which is now one of the largest vegan protein supplement brands in India, has been built from scratch through Instagram-only campaigns. Not only this but the known male grooming brands like Beardo, Ustara, Mensxp, etc have tasted the success in such regions where male grooming was considered taboo and all the credit goes to social media marketing. It is also noteworthy that none of these brands opted for traditional marketing like TV ads or something. Maybe it is a photographer, a makeup artist, a street food seller, a hotelier or any other, everyone now knows the power of social media marketing and this realization in most of the cases has helped them to revive their brands.

So, next time when you are thinking to give up on a dying brand or find yourself helpless in reviving your brand just keep in mind that you have a KINGMAKER available, disguised as a social media marketing. All you need to do is to hold its hand and nurture it with the right content. Surely you come out of the ashes with flying colours.

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