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How SEO services can help with Mobile App discoverability

There is a new face to SEO services and it isn’t found on websites or social media. It lies in app stores! SEO services in Gurgaon have turned their focus to mobile apps, and the results are extraordinary!

How often do you unlock your smartphone screen, without immediately opening up an app? Mobile usage today revolves entirely around apps, with the average user sticking to 3-4 apps on a daily basis. So unsurprisingly, with hundreds of thousands of new apps uploaded every day, it takes more than a great app design to create interest – it takes marketing!

Content writers and bloggers now face a new challenge, one of selling apps. Here are a few pointers to effectively sell your app through SEO services.

A few words can create enormous results

Words hold the power to create impressions and change opinions, but where these words originate from plays an equally important role! Your customers want to hear from other customers. Even the best SEO services in Gurgaon can often make the mistake of assuming that a 5/5 rating is a sure shot strategy for selling. While ratings can pique interest, customer reviews are what actually sell your app!

Don’t forget about keywords!
It may not be a blog, but keyword research still matters! Much like traditional SEO services, app store titles and descriptions are great avenues for including relevant keywords. And the key to identifying trending keywords is answering these three simple questions.
What does your app do?
How does it help your customers?
As a customer, what search queries would lead to the app?

Link it all together!

App store descriptions are not only the perfect place to use keywords for a digital marketing company in Gurgaon but also the perfect place to include backlinks! Backlinks is a highly effective method of customer conversion and can help you sell additional products and apps.
Be social!

SEO services can help sell to customers in the app store, while the strategies of a social media marketing agency can lead them to store in the first place. A great way to connect your app with social media platforms is to do so through existing app users. Create social media login options such as login through Facebook, Google+, etc. Incentivize customers to share reviews and endorsements on social media platforms to earn in-app credit and win prizes.

Catch & Retain

The number of times your app is started and time spent by users in-app, both affect ratings on the app store. And once again, SEO services in Gurgaon bear the brunt of this responsibility – from writing push notification content that entices users to open the app, to creating powerful wording in-app that retains their attention.

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