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How OTT Platforms Are Using Meme Marketing?

Brands are always coming up with new trends and innovative ways to capture their audience. If you frequently browse social media platforms, you must have come across some random memes several times a day. Meme marketing is one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies out there today. Memes have become an important part of our social culture and because of that brands are integrating this trend into their social media strategies left and right.

Memes are the best way through which brands can connect with their target audience because no matter what, a funny meme has the power to create a ripple and is shared across social media platforms like wildfire. 

There are plenty of social media profiles who started as an inside joke and now are curating and posting memes to boost their following. Following the trends is another trend every brand follows, so we think that you can also reach out to the top 10 social media marketing agencies in Gurgaon for advertising your brand through meme marketing. In this blog, we will talk about how OTT platforms are using meme marketing to engage the audience.

Lets’ now understand the concept of memes and how OTT platforms are utilizing it:

What are Memes?

A meme (pronounced meem, not me me) is a concept, joke, or catchphrase that is shared online for humorous purposes. Most memes usually take the format of an image, but they can also be videos or just text. Introduced in the early-mid-1990s, these memes have gained popularity in recent years and continue to grow exponentially. One of the first examples of a meme which was used as a response in an online conversation in the early 2000s is here: 

first meme in online conversation

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Why should you choose Meme Marketing? 

When it comes to meme marketing, there are plenty of reasons why you choose it! Meme marketing allows brands to connect & engage with their audiences in a much better way than any traditional methods. Memes can be the best part of your brand communication strategy if applied correctly. Let’s find out some of the benefits of meme marketing:

  • Memes can be Developed without any Extra Cost: The biggest and most attractive benefit of the meme is that “it is absolutely free”. There are lots of online tools through which you can generate free memes as per your business needs. 
  • Easy to Create: One does not need any technical knowledge to generate your meme. You Just need to select the best image according to your needs and put the text you want to show in your meme then click on the generate button and your meme is ready to share.
  • Helps to Establish an Emotional Connect with the Audience: Brands love it when they get more audience engagement. The same way people love to generate funny and emotional memes because these kinds of memes help to establish an emotional connection with the audience. When you build an emotional connection with the audience it will help you to go viral easily.
  • Generates Likes, Followers and Fans: Be it funny or emotional , people love to create trending content that tends to go viral. Brand marketers can also generate trending content which may generate new likes, followers and fans. Funny and emotional memes with interesting content help a lot to bring new likes on Facebook & followers and fans on Twitter and Instagram which means you are growing on social media sites.
  • Memes make your Blogging Interesting: When it comes to blogging, memes make your blogging content interesting through relatable images and quotes.

Stranger Things 3 did not require a marketing push, but fans created memes that focused on a central character in the show’s early episodes and it just went viral. The ‘Cult of Barb’ became both an internet obsession and a marketing opportunity. By tracking Barb-related hashtags and resharing content, Netflix was able to tap into the meme culture to expand its reach. To create viral content for meme marketing, you need to follow some rules. You can also consult some of the best social media marketing companies in Gurgaon which will help you in generating humorous content for your brand. 

Rules for Meme Marketing

Here are 3 rules which you must adhere to while developing memes for your brand:

  • Be Natural: Remember to create your memes from the brand’s point of view and not yours. If you don’t, then the audience will immediately pick that you’re trying hard to be cool, and it will hurt your brand.
  • Be Relatable & cater to interests: It’s guaranteed that only a sliver of the population will understand your meme. Don’t try to create a meme that appeals to everyone. Know your target audience and cater to their interests instead.
  • Be Punctual to the Time of your Posting: Remember to post your meme in the right cultural climate, on the right time and according to the content which is appropriate according to the latest trend.

Memes aren’t just for college kids or bored office workers. They can be an integral part of your marketing strategy, as long as you follow a few golden rules. Now we will have a look at some of the examples of meme marketing done by various OTT platforms. Hire the top Social media optimization services in Gurgaon for best audience engagement!

Examples of Meme Marketing :

  • Netflix 

Meme in netflix marketing

  Netflix Show: Money Heist


creative netflix marketing

Netflix Show : Gilmore Girls


  • Amazon Prime: 


creative Amazon Marketing

Prime: Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

creative amazon marketing strategy

Prime Show: Golmaal Unlimited

  • Disney + Hotstar

hotstar disney marketing

Hotstar Show: Golmaal 3

disney hotstar marketing
 Hotstar Show: Sarabhai Family

These are some of the examples of how OTT platforms are using meme marketing to promote their brands and their shows and also create an engagement point where people share across the memes on their profiles and amidst their friends. Once you’ve made your meme and posted it on social media, it doesn’t end there. Checking the levels of engagement and reaction is crucial to understand what your audience likes. High engagement is usually a good sign. Instead of giving up after the first attempt, you should at least try a few different formats and different memes to see if any of those results are better.

You could also reach out to The Marcom Avenue, one of the top marketing agencies in Gurgaon which would help you devise the best plan of action with your meme marketing strategy.

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