How Medical Community is Influencing the Masses During the Pandemic?

If you are finding it way too hard to stay home right now, imagine how it would feel to be a doctor or nurse. Health care workers don’t have the luxury of holding up in their homes to shield themselves from the coronavirus. They have to expose themselves to the risk, and some are separating themselves from their families for weeks to avoid transmitting the virus to them.

In the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak situation, healthcare workers are working day and night to help the citizens fight the disease as no vaccine has been made available.

Health care workers like doctors, nurses, EMTs, and others are on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus. Even in these super-difficult times, they all are posting encouraging and funny videos and photos on social media platforms to make everyone smile and keep them aware about the daily things they feel or go through- and further expecting us to stay at home to control this pandemic.

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Let’s see how they are influencing the masses to keep them safe.

  1. Dancing through the Worst Times: Jason Campbell, a 31-year-old resident physician in Portland, Oregon, works nearly 24 hours a day at the hospital nowadays to help during the coronavirus pandemic. He only gets short breaks to recharge. In those short breaks he creates TikTok videos with his colleagues.Within a few weeks, he has gained over 2,08,000 followers and over a million likes on his videos. He has also gained stardom on Instagram during the global health crisis.

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  2. Shoutout to the Nurses at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Philadelphia: Nurses at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia also experienced fast fame last week. They performed a choreographed dance to the song “Level Up” while dressed in full PPE gear, which went viral on Instagram. The team created this to boost their morale as they are facing the real stress by working on the frontlines. Do not forget to reach out to the best video production agency in Gurgaon, if you want to attract an audience for your brand.

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  3. Need of the Hour: Some of the healthcare providers thought of a creative way to show the need for more masks and gloves as hospitals did not have enough supply of masks and gloves before the pandemic completely took over.

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  4. This Ones to Sharing Facts: Some of the doctors and influencers took to TikTok about how to take extra preventive measures with the usage of N95 marks. They are also reminded to wash down their hands if they touch any object which is questionable.

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  5. Entertaining the Patients: Healthcare workers also urged to entertain patients with help of creating TikTok videos with them which resulted in making the patients happier. They shared it on Instagram. Here is how they did it.

These are some of the examples of how healthcare workers are turning social media to help wrestle with the new reality. Their videos have been incredibly popular, as doctors and nurses everywhere are being praised as heroes in the fight against the virus. Their viral stories are often compelling and pull at our heartstrings in this tough time.

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