How Integrated Marketing Communications helps boost your business

The integrated marketing communication is strategized differently according to the company’s target audience with a aim to leave an impression on the minds of the viewers. For this purpose, an integrated marketing communication has to be designed significantly so that it hit the right audience at the right time. The strategy is designed by dividing the audience on different criteria’s, i.e. Demographic division, Age group division, division on gender basis, topographic division. This simplifies the planning process and more emphasis can be laid on strategizing the creating and execution.

I’ll simplify it with some examples, during festive season, Amazon comes up with attractive offer’s for their customer’s and some irresistible discount’s on their products.Now this has to reach out to the masses, that’s when integrated marketing communications plan has to be laid out.

Which medium has to be used, which areas are to be targeted, when to hit it, how to hit it, this is all integrated marketing communications plan.

Crafting an IMC strategy is as easy if compared with executing them, which is the real deal.

That’s where we, The Marcom Avenue takes charge. Sit back, we got it covered!Advertising, PR stunts, OOH, product launches, newspaper ads, all falls understand integrated marketing communications. Social media has become a launch platform for new products. 87% of the world’s population today uses social media today of which 64.8% are working professionals who depends on social media for running their business. Remaining is the influenceable audience which every company is looking forward to attract.

There are some tools of integrated marketing communications, which drives the process.

1.Advertising– People/viewers gets fascinated by the advertisements pretty easily and chances of conversion is really high. The key to a successful advertisement is how innovative it can be made, be it animated or actor-oriented. Today huge amount of budget is allocated just for advertisements as it has a huge impact on the viewers.

I’ll help you with an example, cricketer Virat Kohli came in an advertisement of Too Yumm, which was a start-up, made the product so hit that it became so popular in a very short period of time.

Thumbs Up, in year 2016 signed everyone’s favorite Salman Khan as the star lead for a short advertisement commercial, that was considered the most successful ad shoot and till now is appreciated. Through that ad, Thumbs Up recorded a +25.3% of boost in their sales.

2.Public Relations– is all about creating a bond with the customers, and through it creating inbounds from those existing clients. Public Relations (PR) has become an important part of building up the brand reputation. Creating a good reputation in the market is very important and so as maintaining it, and it becomes utmost important when there’s an alternative present in the market. So maintaining a good public image is very important.

3.Sales Promotion– is a method in which clients are persuaded to buy the product. The sales promotion is a crucial part as it is used to introduce new product, attract new customers and accelerate their sales.

4.Personal Selling– They say attitude is the key in sales business. The real play of attitude is tested in personal selling. You have to impress the clients with your attitude and sell your product in the meantime. The success of sale depends in your client handling. It holds an important position as when you face the client, one has to be very careful as one wrong step and the whole image of the company/agency gets affected.

5.Word of Mouth – It is one of the most interactive way of promoting your brand. The word of mouth is passing of information from one person to person using verbal communication, which is as simple as telling someone the time of day.
I’ll simplify it by giving an example. In older times, when a news has to be spread in the public, they used this technique as it was the most effective and popular at that time.

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