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How effective can data be for content creation?

Brands and top digital agencies in Gurgaon nowadays do a lot of team-building sessions to cut the communication gap between their employees. They want all the team from PR to Designing to Content to Social Media to Customer Client Managers to Marketing Heads to Media Heads to Human Resources to work together like a well-oiled machine.

Regardless of which profile one is in, he/she has to work in coordination with everyone in the entire team to meet the targeted number of deliverables. It’s great to see how each of the team members work up to their full potential.

Digital marketing analytics allow us to study and track what works best for the brand. Time and again when data and content collide the result has always been overwhelming.

Here’s how digital marketing and advertising has given wings to it:

COVID 19 pandemic has further increased digital advertising and marketing:

The COVID 19 pandemic has been a triggering time for humankind. A lot of brands and integrated agencies went through a major setback. Their sales went down. It was tough to sustain them. Such time demands a transformation so that the brands can sell their products and grow their customer base. Connecting with their clients was the need of the hour. Building a reliable and trustworthy connection with them was the other concern brands were fighting with. They were looking for something budget-friendly that impacts their target audiences in the blink of an eye.

Well! It was possible only through Digital Marketing that brands were able to survive and grow. While all the stores were closed and people were at home the digital marketers were driving the data through the content. They were pushing the content on various social media platforms to generate sales and improve their brand image.

In the midst of rapidly changing advertising and marketing ways, new forms of digital marketing came in. Online testimonials and influencer marketing were the hot ways of digital advertising which the brands used to endorse their products and services. The expansion of digital marketing and advertising has allowed the brands to reach every household.

COVID-19 novel has changed the dimensions of advertising. The traditional form of advertising were replaced by different marketing and advertising campaigns. Brands have reached the homes of their targeted audiences without moving out of their homes.

A single person wasn’t able to capture this powerful essence of marketing and advertising. No one person can leave such a long-lasting impression in the market. It is indeed a team effort wherein every person of all the teams plays a vital role.

Every person crafts and weaves the idea in the team:

The idea is executed through content either written or abstract. And is encashed in terms of data. There are a lot many ways to look at data.

  • The first way to look at it is in the form of a numeric figure (the amount derived out of sales)
  • The second could be to see the number of targeted audiences derived from that content
  • The third could be the number of deliverables
  • The fourth could be how many different types of advertising has made the brand popular among every household

Therefore, when content is placed correctly only then we can expect data.
The placing of content correctly involves a lot of people. Starting from the content strategist who gives the idea and words to the designer who designs it to the social media person who posts it to the consumers who respond to it. Hence, creative content is not a one-way thing, it is muti-dimensional. Taking it further, the SEO person studies the brand and gives the keyword through which the content reaches its target audience. Then comes the role of the person who persuades people to buy the product or services by running paid ads on various social media platforms.

Creating content is like weaving a fabric cloth. Before the cloth is ready to wear a lot of people put in their earnest effort in stitching it. In the end when the customer gets ready to wear clothes he/she shares his/her valuable feedback similarly to clients and consumers share his/her feedback in the comment section which improves the brand’s engagement with its audience. Influencer marketing, giveaways, product endorsements, paid ad marketing, and marketing campaigns are some of the highly active forms of digital advertising. Each way of digital marketing helps the brand to connect with its audience differently. Though, all of these ways help the brands to build their solid visual identity that attracts their target consumers.

Take Away

Every brand wants to sustain, build its audience base and hence grow. It’s only when content and data collide a brand can do it. So, a person needs to keep himself updated with all the new trends of marketing and advertising. Only then will he/she be able to pass the same to his/her team. Apart from this, having a deep knowledge of updated marketing and advertising always helps.

Since the advertising world is dynamic and ever-growing one has to have an eye on what is forthcoming. This is because a strong brand uses multiple platforms and forms of advertising and marketing to sell its products. In the era of COVID 19 especially digital advertising and marketing. Brands use multiple channels of communication to ingrain their image in the consumers’ minds. Therefore, big brands and marketing communication agencies see content and data colliding as the primary business function.

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