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How can sales and marketing work better together?

Brand selling is all about marketing, Marketing and MARKETING! Marketing is many things, but sales is what gets the business in the house. Customers who experience integrated marketing solutions with both marketing and sales have much higher chance of retention. Throughout a customer’s life cycle, he/she interacts with both marketing and sales. According to Michael Ringman, a FORBES COUNCILS MEMBER, modern day consumers require convenience the most from a brand. Marketing ands sales need to come closer as they are expected to expand their role to deliver to each customer.

Marketing and Sales Take New Heights

There is an evident increase in the amount of platforms there are for distribution of content, and content, through content marketing services, is taking new formats. These content are distributed speedily upon creation on varied platforms. Marketers are under constant pinch to outstand themselves and stand their ground with an increasing amount of consumable content. Delivering results have also become relative as ROI of varied marketing initiatives is quantifiable within shorter time. This has raised the bar and for marketers being who the professionals they are have raised the stakes.

Sales need to communicate branded content and share relevant insights with their prospects.

How To Bring Poles Together

Building a connect between what is sold and how is it sold is the main thing. You can bring the two divisions together with 3 simple questions-

What are their ways to engage their prospects?

Salespeople have tricks up their sleeve to speak to their prospects. They connect with the brand on an emotional level and uncover their needs to ultimately persuade the brand to take action in favor of the salesperson. Relevant examples to the brand make great stories to share. These stories are how the customers are moved while advertising. Another aspect salespeople ensure is to make their pitches real. Their pitches need to be real in order to be believable enough for any brand to get pulled.

For integrated marketing solutions, weave a salesperson marketing pitch into the content created from marketing standpoint. Bring out the team and their work. Market your work directly.

What has been the biggest win lately?

For any salesperson, their biggest win is always bagging up the best client they can get their hands on. It is a great effort to know how a salesperson is able to talk to the prospect and how they have engaged them into developing a mutually beneficial relation with them. What was the point of conversion in the conversation? What kind of challenge was the salesperson up against?

They have direct interaction with the customers and can give a direct feedback with a professional outlook. Successful engagements with customers are most utilitarian to both sales and marketing. Salespeople can give direct insights on marketing strategies and how well it is working for the prospects.

Why aren’t people purchasing from you?

Sales tackle practical challenges of all marketing efforts. They might deliver the best pitch they can and still have many misses. They are the primary division of any organization who first hand collect the reflection of branding of any company on clients. The challenges that salespeople face aren’t theirs alone. Marketing can learn from a salesperson’s challenges and use creative content to strengthen their message to the audience. At what point is the product’s or service’s features not being able connect with the target audience base? Is there a requirement for pricing strategies based on quantity and quality of product/service delivered? What is value of the brand in the client’s perspective? Does your marketing efforts have the competitive edge in the field?

Digital content or offline and online strategies can be devised using this information along with the results from any other survey or any feedback collected from sample consumer testing of the product/ service.

Keep the Connection Alive

Marketing has to realize that it is a virtuous cycle that needs to kept alive. Build a mutually beneficial relationship with different divisions of the organization. This will strengthen the branding message. The content will be well delivered keeping in mind what kind of target audience requires in message. This is a helpful exercise for all marketing executives.

Any digital marketing agency can help you brand your organization but internal communications helps in content creation which is original and valuable.

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